8 Reasons Why Women Have Affairs

Are there particular reasons why women have affairs?

Let’s see.

According to social standards, men are more likely to have affairs.

However, the tendency of a particular gender to have a higher rate of infidelity is becoming thinner, especially among the youth.

In this article, we’ll look at various reasons women have affairs.

We’ll also discuss how to avoid such occurrences in your relationship.

Here they are!

8 Reasons Why Women Have Affairs

1. Subduing tough emotions

Reasons why women have affairs

People usually adopt different ways to cope with complicated feelings, and in their quest, sometimes, they choose mechanisms that’ll help them subdue the emotions rather than face them.

To them, subduing the feelings is way easier than facing them head-on.

For instance, some people resort to embracing alcohol, drugs, sex, and similar addictions as an escape from reality.

One of the reasons why women have affairs is because they see it as an escape from their reality.

It happens when women refuse to be open with their partners about their feelings and want, letting them into the fantasy web they’ve weaved in their heads.

Who knows?

Perhaps, their partners can decide to compromise and indulge them, or better still, they’ll realize that they share the same fantasies with their partners.

Rather than let their partners into what’s going on in their heads, they choose to search for the fulfillment of their fantasies outside of their relationships.

Invariably, they’re signing up for having affairs, and if not checked, such women will find themselves in one too many affairs in their quests to live out their fantasies.

The best thing to do in this situation is for the woman to come clean with her partner.

Let him know about the random things that go through your mind, no matter how wild you feel they are.

Most men love adventures, especially when trying them out with their partners.

So, don’t worry about him turning you down.

Your fantasies might just be his too, or something he’s willing to indulge.


2. Discontent in relationships

Reasons why women have affairs

One of the primary reasons why women have affairs is that they’re discontented in their relationships.

Most cases of women having affairs start with this reason.

Perhaps the relationship is going through a rough patch, and the woman starts getting attention from someone who’s not her partner.

Rather than set boundaries and put an end to whatever it is before it even begins, she justifies her actions by tagging it “innocent” and claiming that her partner doesn’t mind.

Whenever a set boundary is crossed in a relationship, the offender justifies their actions to themselves first and then puts them in compartments.

If a woman is not contented with her relationship, it can push her to look outside for contentment.

In doing so, she can start having an affair which will quicken the ending of her current relationship.


3. Search for excitement

Have you heard of the term “serial cheat”?

Serial cheat cheats for the fun and excitement they derive from cheating.

Yes, people like that exist.

Although they may love their partners to bits, from time to time, they crave these interactions that are triggered by endorphins – the ones that make you giddy and excited in a new relationship.

And that’s why they resort to having affairs.

We can’t deny that family life and work can get boring and sometimes seem like a routine.

But being a serial cheat is not the way.

You might say that it’s better than getting involved in crimes to get the thrill you seek, but they’re all the same.

Have you thought of the downsides of having affairs?

There you have it!

Do you know the most interesting aspect of reality for women who are serial cheats?

Almost none of them has any intentions of leaving their current partners.

They claim to love their partners with everything in them but cannot also afford not to enjoy the excitement that comes with having an affair.


4. Poor self-esteem

Reasons why women have affairs

Another reason why a woman will have an affair is if she has low self-esteem.

A woman who is battling with poor self-esteem will likely look outside for the validation, accolades, and attention that she wasn’t able to build and sustain with her partner.

She always thinks that no one finds her attractive, and when someone finally starts to shower her with attention and compliments, she feels so good about herself.

From one man, the numbers increase, and her excuse is that they’re proof of her being desired and valued.

When one affair ends, she can’t wait to get into the next one to avoid making her feel neglected.

And the cycle continues.


5. Loneliness

One of the reasons why women have affairs is loneliness, which various reasons can cause.

A woman may be at a stage in her life where it’s difficult for her to make friends.

It can also be that her partner is always busy at work.

Whatever the reason, loneliness provides the perfect opportunity for having an affair.

When someone else starts filling the gap of loneliness and meeting the always unmet needs, an affair is imminent.


6. Emotional deprivation

Reasons why women have affairs

Men who cheat are indeed motivated mainly by sex, but women who have affairs do so mainly to satisfy an emotional need.

And if you meet a woman who is having an emotional affair, you’ll find out that sex is not in the picture at all.

Although most people try to convince themselves that emotional affairs are not real affairs, many sexual affairs start as emotional ones.

It’s rare for a woman to begin a sexual affair without emotions.

Usually, they start as just friends and then begin crossing boundaries and justifying their actions.

It doesn’t matter if the affair is emotional or physical.

A woman can have an affair because she needs respect, love, support, empathy, adoration, heartfelt conversations, dedication, or any other type of connection that’s not available to her in her current relationship.


7. Revenge and Anger

Anger and revenge are among the reasons why women have affairs.

Some women go into a relationship with an ideal image of how their partner should act etched in their heads.

Let’s say that the partner doesn’t turn out to match their ideal image or ends up not being able to cater to every one of their desires and needs.

It’ll cause a strain in the relationship that’ll encourage the woman, in most cases, to have an affair.

Then, some women can harbor resentment towards their partners for other reasons, such as infidelity in the past.

She’ll use her affair as a retaliation for what her partner did to her in the past.

It’s called ”revenge cheating.”


8. Sexual starvation

Reasons why women have affairs

No matter how much we try to keep the spark alive, the excitement that comes with a new relationship will fade eventually.

That’s when familiarity will replace the frequency and quality of sex and intimacy.

Of course, it’ll not sit well with a woman who is used to cheating because of the absence of the thrill they got at the initial stage of the relationship.

And then, she can’t wait to get into an affair with someone else to keep getting the excitement.


The best way to proceed for men with cheating female partners and those who want to avoid such situations in their relationship is plain openness between you and your partner.

Let each other know what you need to be happy.

If you’re honest and real enough, you can work with your partner to keep the fire burning or rekindle the flames of your relationship.

Having affairs is never advised once you’re in a relationship.

It’s always best to end things with your current partner before starting another venture with another person.

However, it’s important to understand the reasons why women have affairs.

From what we have seen, the general reasons point back to them looking outside for something that’s missing in their relationship.

So, it’s safe to say that making sure that both of you are satisfied with each other and that your connection with each other is strong is paramount.


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