What Does It Mean When A Man Hits You? 12 Things It Means

Getting hit by a man is not a nice experience for any woman.

I know this because I have experienced it.

I once got hit across my face by a man, and even though my man, my dad, and my brother ensured that man was thoroughly dealt with, the experience is one I still haven’t forgotten.

I still remember how my ears stung and how afraid I was.

If you’ve ever been or still get hit by a man, you may have a lot running through your mind as I did, and one of them may be you wondering what the likely implications are.

Whether the man is an enemy, a random person, a colleague, a friend, a family member, or even, sadly, a partner, there are messages attached to the hitting.

Let me tell you what they are.

What Does It Mean When A Man Hits You? 12 Things It Means

1. He has a short temperwhat does it mean when a man hits you

When a man hits you, many times, it means that the man in question is easily irritable.

Something may have ensued between you two that led to the physical violence.

Although a man can hit a woman unprovoked, such as in cases of bullying and robbery, in many other cases, the hitting is usually provoked by something the woman did.

The man may have been unable to contain his anger at whatever you did, so he responded by hitting.

It’s a reflection of the quality of his person and character, and it shows that he is testy.

2. He lacks empathy

Another common trait of men who abuse women is their lack of empathy.

They are unable to understand or care about the feelings and experiences of others, especially those they consider inferior or weaker than themselves.

This lack of empathy allows them to justify their abusive behavior because they simply do not see the harm they are causing.

They may even blame their victim for “making” them behave this way, further demonstrating their lack of remorse or understanding for the severity of their actions.

3. He’s an abuserwhat does it mean when a man hits you

A person who engages in physical violence is an abuser; there are no other labels for him.

A man hitting you indicates physical violence, and that is a form of abuse.

Abuse is a criminal offense and is not something to be taken lightly at all.

So, if perhaps you’ve been looking for signs or wondering if the man is an abuser, hitting you should be the confirmatory diagnosis.

It may have happened once, or it may be a cycle of violence.

Whichever one it is, you must recognize it for what it is – an abusive behavior.

4. He doesn’t love you

If you’ve ever wondered if this man loves you, hitting you is the answer.

And just in case you can’t read what the answer is, I’ll do that for you, it says “No”.

A man who loves you wouldn’t hit you and if a man hits you then he doesn’t love you, it’s as easy as that.

Although some people would argue that many factors may be responsible for the hitting and it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love you.

All I’d say in response or that is that if you consciously put a person you claim to love in a position to experience pain or shame of any sort, then the love you profess is false.

This is why a man who hits you, especially when it’s done repeatedly, does not love you.

You can’t tell me otherwise.

5. He doesn’t think it’s wrongwhat does it mean when a man hits you

If a man hits you, it might mean that he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

Believe me, some men believe so.

Misguided beliefs are responsible for creating men with such mindsets.

It’s usually influenced by cultural or social norms that condone or excuse violence against women, stemming from misguided beliefs about gender roles and relationships.

They have some form of entitlement and believe that the man is entitled to behave violently.

This is a toxic mindset that should be avoided at all costs.

6. He wants to exert control

When a man hits you, he’s most likely trying to show you who’s boss.

Exerting control and power is one of the common messages men who abuse women try to communicate through their actions.

They want to exert control and power over the woman, so they hit her.

This is a behavior of an abuser, a manipulator, and a weak man!

You know why I say they’re weak?

Because a strong man doesn’t need to resort to violence to prove his masculinity or assert his dominance.

And these men can’t hit someone of their own size and gender; they have to target someone smaller and weaker.

It’s a cowardly act that stems from deep insecurity and inadequacy.

7. He’s frustratedwhat does it mean when a man hits you

Anger and frustration are expressed in many ways.

Hitting is one of the ways for some people.

The man hitting you may be a sign that he’s frustrated or angry.

He has unresolved anger within him and has to express it somehow.

You may have been the cause of the anger and you may not have, but you ended up being the recipient of the unleashed emotions.

8. He has issues

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it is that a man who hits women is a man who has a lot of issues.

His hitting you is a reflection of his internal struggles and issues.

For some men, it’s anger issues; they cannot contain their anger and always act irrationally when upset.

For many others yet, it is an emotional turmoil; they have exaggerated emotional responses and a confused internal state.

Another common issue an abuser has is that he lacks effective communication skills, and that’s why he lets his hands do the talking.

Insecurity is another one that can’t be left out; the man is trying to assert his masculinity or deal with feelings of inferiority.

The issues are many and vary, but one thing is certain and it is that the man needs to seek help to address his behavior and underlying issues.

9. He doesn’t respect womenwhat does it mean when a man hits you

99.9% of men who hit women don’t respect women.

Men who respect women never hit them habitually; it’s just not in their nature.

But for men who disregard women’s physical and emotional well-being, hitting them is not farfetched.

They don’t rate women and may even consider them to be less human.

10. Learned behavior

If a man hits you, it may mean that he has an abusive father.

Perhaps he was raised in an environment where his dad or the grown men around him used to hit women habitually.

It may have subconsciously formed in his mind and may be responsible for his behavior now.

Many times, men who hit women do it because it’s a learned behavior from witnessing or experiencing violence in childhood.

11. Substance abusewhat does it mean when a man hits you

Why do women generally get anxious when they’re in the midst of or around men who smoke and abuse drugs?

Because they’re afraid of what can happen to them.

If you ever have to pass through a dark and lonely path, you’d possibly do it in fear of the unknown, and one of those unknowns is coming across a crackhead who hits you.

Now, the man doesn’t have to hold a cigarette or drug in his hands to prove that he’s a crackhead.

He may habitually get high on dangerous substances, but you’re not aware.

People who do that tend to act in irrational ways because their inhibitions are lowered, and they have aggressive behavior, which could be the reason for their actions.

12. Lack of healthy coping mechanismswhat does it mean when a man hits you

A man hitting a woman, particularly if it was during a conflict or due to stress, says something about his ability to handle stress and pressure.

It indicates that the man lacks healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with conflict or stress.

His mind is bankrupt on better ways to respond to issues like this, so he resorts to violence.

This is a bad sign and shows that he has a lot to work on in himself.


It’s crucial to note that violence from any gender is never acceptable in any form of relationship.

If you are experiencing this, it is super important that you seek help and support.

Choose life always.

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