5 Subtle Signs He’s Pretending To Love You

Love is a wonderful feeling that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Yes, you’re so in love with a man that you can go any length to put a smile on his face, but is the feeling mutual on his end?

Does he also love you, or is he pretending to love you?

Perhaps he’s been exhibiting certain traits that suggest he’s only pretending to love you, and you want to be sure of your stand in his life.

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to know if the person you really love loves you in return.

Good news!

There are ways you can find out.

Stay with me as we look at signs he’s pretending to love you

5 Subtle Signs He’s Pretending To Love You

1. All he wants from you is sex

Signs he’s pretending to love you
A guy can be pretending to love you if all he wants from you is sex.

You might wonder why he’ll have to pretend to love you only to have sex with you.

The answer is not far-fetched.

You see, some guys engage in the lowest and most trivial things just to catch some fun and keep their idle selves busy.

You might have encountered or read about situations where a group of guys come together and place bets on a particular lady.

They bet on whom amongst them will get in bed with her first, and then, they get to work.

Are you familiar with such a scenario?

Now, let’s bring it home.

If a guy is on your case and you sense that he’s pretending to love you, check how he acts when you are alone.

He’ll constantly try to get intimate with you.

Even if you’ve known each other for just days or a few weeks, he’s professing undying and unending love to you, and then he wants to jump into your pants at the first opportunity he gets.


Something is fishy about him and his love, and in Nigerian parlance, “you have entered one chance.

There’s a high chance he’s pretending to love you just to get into bed with you.

2. He is a gold digger

Signs he’s pretending to love you
Some men are quick to slam the gold digger tag on women, but now, it’s our turn to view men (well, some of them) as gold diggers.

So, let’s say that you’re richer, more successful, and well-off in life.

Then you meet a guy struggling to make ends meet and get by.

Okay, he might not even be struggling, but you’re better off than him financially.

Somehow, you both get close, and you like him genuinely.

Perhaps this guy doesn’t see you in that light – he doesn’t like you romantically, but then, he needs to play along and act like he genuinely loves and cares for you to rip you off.

If you’re observant, you’ll find him struggling sometimes to keep up with the act because he has his eyes on a prize – your gold that he has come to dig.

He may act the part perfectly but will have some slips from time to time, and that, Sis, is one of the signs he’s pretending to love you.

3. He’s too perfect

Signs he’s pretending to love you
Haven’t you heard of the saying that, “Nobody is perfect”?

Those are my thoughts exactly!

One of the possible signs he’s pretending to love you is that he’s too perfect.

I mean, this guy is too smooth at everything he does.

He’s always right on time, has the perfect answer for every question, has the best solution to every problem, and is always at hand to save the day.

You won’t be wrong if you call him the golden guy, but your instincts are tugging at you seriously.

Something is not right with this guy.

You don’t know yet; you can’t place it yet, but you can feel it.

Trust your instincts.

They hardly ever lie.

With time, you’ll see him for who he truly is.

Then, you’ll know he was pretending to love you all along.

4. His eyes say it all

Signs he’s pretending to love you
Don’t they say that the eyes are windows to the soul?

One of the signs he’s pretending to love you can be found right in his eyes.

When someone is in love, there’s a bright spark in their eyes and excitement that spreads all over their body whenever their love interest is talked about or is in the room.

The spark in the eyes can’t go unnoticed, even if the person is an introvert.

That should be the case for a man in love with you.

So, if the spark is missing in his eyes when you walk into the room or he tells you he loves you, he’s possibly faking his love for you.

5. It’s apparent that he’s pretending to love you

Signs he’s pretending to love you
Like pregnancy, love cannot stay hidden for too long.

As I mentioned in point 2, he might struggle sometimes with the façade.

Of course, he’s human, and his act won’t always be perfect.

He’ll have some bad days when his true intentions will show either in his actions or words.

Do not take those days for granted, especially if you’re the one head over heels in love with him.

Do you know what they say about people spilling their true intentions whenever they’re angry or in an argument?

More than ever now is the time you have to believe it as your life depends on it.

What does he say to you, and how does he treat you on his seemingly bad days?

That’s how he really feels about you.

He slipped and showed you that he was just pretending to love you all this while.

And although he’ll try to make it up to you and act nice towards you much later, don’t ignore the red flags he has shown you.

What To Do If He’s Pretending To Love You

Here are some things you can do if you find out that your partner is pretending to love you:

1. Focus on yourself

Signs he’s pretending to love you
Sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing at all.

Don’t overthink things or bother yourself with speaking to him about the situation.

Just focus on yourself and engage in things that make you happy.

Take care of yourself and spend quality time with your friends and family.

Focusing on yourself will give you clarity of purpose while you’re building back your self-confidence.

2. Call it quits

Signs he’s pretending to love you
There’s no need to beat about the bush.

No matter how painful it may seem, if you find out that a guy is pretending to love you, one of the logical things to do is to call it quits.

End the relationship.

Your driving force should be that any relationship that is based on and sustained by pretenses will never give you real happiness in the long run.

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