6 Things A Married Man Should Never Lie About

Are there things a married man should never lie about?

Sadly, lying is pretty common in some relationships and marriages.

Call it lying by omission, barefaced lies or white lies; we’re all guilty of not speaking the truth at some point.

However, it seems that men take the cake whenever it comes to lying to their partners.

So, why does it look like men tell lies more in relationships?

Most men tell lies because they see it as a way to protect themselves and whoever they’re lying to (in this case, women).

One of the primary reasons why men lie to women is to maintain the perfect image of themselves.

Believe it or not, a man lies to you because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

But then, learning the truth about a lie hurts so much.

There are lies married men should never tell, especially to their wives.

Even if he’s conscious of self-preservation, some lies are irredeemable and can potentially dent his marriage and relationship with his wife.

Let’s see some things a married man should never lie about.

6 Things A Married Man Should Never Lie About

1. His sexual health

Things a married man should never lie about
One of the things a married man should never lie about is his sexual health.

No matter why a man got married — be it for procreation or companionship, sex is involved in both processes.

Sex is integral to marriage and should not be handled with kid’s gloves.

A married man doesn’t have to lie about how fit he is down there, whether he has low sperm count, STDs, STIs, azoospermia and other sexual problems.

A problem shared is half-solved — in this case, with your wife.

As a married man, if you’re having any problems with your sexual health, it’s advisable to open up to your wife early than for her to find out by herself later in the marriage.

It is also very unfair and wicked to lie about something as serious as your sexual health.

Many men have tied women down in miserable sexless marriages because of lies.

It is outright wickedness.

The saying, ‘the earlier, the better,’ is true.

If you let your spouse know the problems you’re having with your sexual health, you’ll seek solutions for them together.

Also, any health problems left to linger without being addressed immediately tend to get more complicated and worsen.

Not only will your wife be mad at you and lose the trust she has in you if you keep your problems away from her and she finds out later, it might be too late to get a remedy for the problem by then.

So, what will it be for you?

2. His finances

Things a married man should never lie about
Another thing a married man should never lie about is his finances.

Most men are defensive and on guard when it comes to money issues.

I’ll tell you this for free — it’s better not to reveal anything about your finances to your spouse than to lie to her.

Some men are of the opinion that a woman should never know how much you have.

Finances are integral to relationships because love doesn’t pay the bills.

It is very unfair to lie to your spouse about your finances or the lack of it.

Even though most men are egoistical about it, I believe that telling your wife about your finances is not a big deal.

You’ll gain nothing by inflating or decreasing your financial worth to her.

When the chips are down, and the going is good for you, she’s the first family to stand by you.

So, why lie to her?

3. His mental health

Things a married man should never lie about
Everyone has certain situations, people and things that threaten their mental health.

As a married man, it’ll be best to tell your spouse about things that threaten your mental health.

What are your triggers?

Don’t forget to tell her what keeps your mental health optimum.

That way, she’ll know the best way to present certain situations and people to you without negatively impacting your mental health.

Secondly, if your woman sees how open you are with her and how you trust her with details about yourself, she’ll do everything within her power to protect your sanity and happiness.

4. His emotional health

Things a married man should never lie about
Just like mental health, certain factors upset one’s emotional health balance.

As a married man, you need to answer the following questions honestly:

Have you healed fully from the emotional trauma of your past relationships?

Have you moved on fully from your ex-girlfriend (s)?

Are there still parts of your emotions that you’ve been unable to check?

Are there places you visit or occasionally meet people who threaten your emotional health?

If you can answer these questions in all sincerity, share the answers with your wife.

She’s your helpmeet and will try her best to support you in getting past such unfavourable conditions and bringing you to emotional stability.

5. His past

Things a married man should never lie about
One of the things a married man should never lie about is his past.

While this is a dicey situation, you have to face it squarely to move on with your life.

No matter how dirty your past was, it would be best to let your wife know about it.

It might be difficult for her to accept who you were, but she’ll get over it with time.

Once she’s aware, you won’t have to watch your back for shadows of your past that’ll come calling or someone from your past who will spring surprises on you.

When not exposed, skeletons left in the cupboard will only add strains to your marriage.

6. His future plans and goals

Things a married man should never lie about
A married man should never lie about his future plans and goals.

I mean, you’re doing life with your wife, so why lie to her about the things she’ll still witness?

But it’s important that you share your future goals and plans with your wife so that she’ll be aware of them and contribute to their actualisation.

She’ll support you in every way to help bring them to fruition.

You might not want to tell her because you don’t want any distractions or anything that’ll derail you from your set plans.

Doing it alone is possible but tougher.

When you have a support system and a shoulder to lean on (your wife), working towards and achieving your plans and goals will look like a walk in the park.


There you have it — some things a married man should never lie about.

Your wife is a blessing to you — treat her as such.

Whatever you give to her in all honesty and love will grow and multiply.

Learn to share your problems, joys, pains, tears, failures and successes with your wife.

She’s part of your life now, and a good wife will never do anything to tear down her husband.

Start trusting her with the important and not-so-important details of yourself, and watch your life transform for the better with her support.


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