9 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

Marriage is a sacred institution, and the alarming rate of divorce in our world today doesn’t change that.

Marriage is full of love, laughs, and a few life lessons along the way.

But there’s a part of it that we don’t often talk about: how a married man should talk with other women.


You see, words are powerful, and the things we say can make a world of difference.

They can bring smiles, strengthen friendships, and build trust.

But, used in the wrong way, they can also cause confusion and hurt feelings.

I’ll be sharing with you some of the things a married man should probably never say to another woman.

This will help keep your marriage solid and avoids those “oops” moments.

If you’re a married man trying to stay on the right path, a wife looking for some tips, or anyone interested in understanding better relationship rules, this one’s for you.

9 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

1. “My wife doesn’t understand me.”

Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

Sure, we all have those moments when it seems like our spouse is from another planet and just doesn’t “get” us.

And that’s fine, right?

Because no two people are ever going to understand each other completely, and that’s part of what makes marriage fun.

My husband doesn’t always get me.

However, the trouble starts when you express this frustration to another woman.

It’s like saying, “Hey, my wife doesn’t understand me. Could you do a better job?”

Bro, at its core, this statement is a veiled appeal for sympathy or connection, and that’s not cool.

Do you know the problem with saying, “My wife doesn’t understand me,” to another woman?

One, it unfairly paints your wife in a negative light.

She’s not there to defend herself or provide her side of the story.

Two, it’s also a bit of a slap in the face to your vows—those promises you made to stick together through thick and thin, in understanding and misunderstanding.

And above all, such a statement might spark unwanted speculation or attraction.

The other woman may interpret this as an invitation to step into a role that she has no business occupying.

If you feel your wife doesn’t understand you, talk to her.

She’s the one you are married to.

Because how would you feel if the roles were reversed?

What if your wife was telling another man that you didn’t understand her?

Even if said in a moment of frustration, it would still sting, wouldn’t it?

It’s always a good idea to apply the golden rule: treat others how you’d like to be treated.


2. “I wish my wife was more like you.”

Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

Really, bro?

While you might see this as a simple comment about someone’s characteristics, it’s much more than that. 

You are implying that your wife doesn’t measure up to the other woman’s standards.

Expressing a desire for your wife to be like another woman undermines the individuality of your spouse and can lead the other woman to believe there’s a possibility of more than friendship.

You will always see women who have qualities you admire that your wife might not have, but your wife is unique, and her strengths should be appreciated.


3. “Don’t tell my wife we spoke.”

Transparency is key in any relationship, especially in a marriage.

Asking another woman to keep your conversation a secret from your wife sends the message that you don’t trust her or that there are things you want to hide from her.

While it’s tempting to talk about personal matters with someone outside of your marriage, doing so sets a precedent for dishonesty and mistrust.

If there’s something you feel the need to hide from your spouse, it’s probably best not to say or do it in the first place.


4. “I’m unhappy in my marriage.”

Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

We all know that marriage isn’t a constant honeymoon.

It’s full of peaks and valleys, love and disagreement, harmony and discord.

You might have moments of frustration and disappointment.

You might even have periods of time when you’re unhappy.

But sharing these feelings with another woman?

That’s a line that’s better not crossed.

When you express your marital woes to another woman, you’re essentially baring your vulnerabilities to someone who is not a part of the marital equation.

This puts her in a rather uncomfortable position.

Is she supposed to provide counsel, comfort, or simply lend an ear?

The ambiguity can lead to misinterpretations, and before you know it, you’ve created a mess you never intended.


5. ”I find you very attractive.”

Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

Maybe you’re at a gathering, and there’s this woman who’s not your wife, and there’s something about her that you find appealing.
And you think to yourself, “Wow, she’s really attractive.”
But before those words roll off your tongue, ask yourself: Is it really worth risking your marriage for a fleeting feeling of attraction?
It’s best to keep such thoughts to yourself.
Appreciate beauty, by all means, but know that expressing it isn’t always the right thing to do.
Not all thoughts need to be vocalized.

6. “Can we meet privately?”

There could be tons of legit professional reasons, like a work project, or maybe you’ve got something urgent to hash out with a woman who is not your wife.

But your words can get misinterpreted.

Asking, “Can we meet privately?” might sound simple and clear to you, but the other woman might see it differently.

She might think you’re hinting at something more personal, and that’s a recipe for confusion and a boatload of awkwardness.

So if there’s a legitimate reason for a private meeting, feel free to make your request—just be sure to couch it in professional terms.

That will help avoid any misunderstandings.


7. “I love you.”

Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

This is a big one.

“I love you” isn’t just any three-word phrase.

It’s a declaration, a promise, and a commitment.

It’s not a phrase you just throw around.

When you’re a married guy, saying “I love you” to another woman can stir up a lot of trouble unless it’s clearly a platonic or family thing.

Otherwise, it’s like playing with fire.

Those three little words hold a lot of power.

They can make someone’s heart soar or shatter it into pieces.

That’s why it’s super important to reserve “I love you” for the person you’ve made a lifelong commitment to: your wife.

Of course, you can say them to your children, close friends, parents, etc.

But when it comes to the woman you’re not married to?

Bro, watch it!


8. “I feel like I can tell you anything.”

And then there’s “I feel like I can tell you anything.”


Why would you tell a woman who is not your wife or your therapist that?

I know it sounds like a compliment, like saying, ”You’re such a good listener.”

When you start dropping lines like this, you’re kinda stepping over a boundary that should be exclusive to your spouse.

That level of trust and intimacy you’re implying is what makes your marriage special, it’s the secret sauce, you know.

If you say this to another woman, you are dragging her into a deep emotional bond she didn’t ask to be in.

And let’s not forget about your wife.

If she hears you’ve been pouring your heart out to another woman, you are writing a letter to trouble.

No woman wants to think of her husband confiding in another woman.


9. ”I wish I was single.”


So if you were single, what would you do, bro?

Married men who are looking to cheat often make this statement.

Even if you don’t intend to cheat, saying that to another woman implies that you made the wrong choice of a partner, you are not happy, and you regret it.

You are also sending a message that you are not fully committed to your marriage.

You are still looking around, and if the right opportunity arises, you might jump ship. 

A married man who cherishes his marriage shouldn’t make these nine statements to another woman.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “9 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman”

  1. Although there are more things, even obscene things as one comment wrote, but the spirit of the article was well written and thought through. I’m a world where marriage doesn’t seem to be winning in the commitment battle, it’s very refreshing to see someone publishing inspirational thoughts aimed at strengthening this sacred covenant of marriage between a husband, wife and God. Keep up the good work and fight.

  2. It’s all the fact we see now a days, each word and sentence are practically used by legitimate partners to there mistress or man. I think there should be law in favor to loyal partner

  3. I do agree with these statements, and I am a married man. I must confess that I am also divorced from my first wife because I did say some of these things to a woman who was not my wife and they did create emotions that I lost control over. Hard lessons learned.
    But one other comment, is Bro still how we refer to other men?


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