9 Signs A Married Man is Unhappy in His Marriage

It doesn’t matter how many couples divorce per minute, marriage is a beautiful bond between two people.

Just as people divorce, people are also getting married.

This affirms the fact that marriage will always be a beautiful thing.

However, just like life, marriage isn’t always a bed of roses.

Sometimes, people, yes, even men, find themselves unhappy in their wedlock.

So how do you identify if a married man is unhappy in his marriage?

Let’s discuss the following points:

9 Signs A Married Man is Unhappy in His Marriage

1. He’s No Longer Communicative:

8 Signs A Married Man is Unhappy in His Marriage

I’m sure you’ve heard and read over and over again that communication is what makes a relationship thrive.

As a matter of fact, the quality of a marriage is determined by the quality of a couple’s communication.

If communication falls apart, a relationship will fall apart.

So, the first major sign a man is unhappy in his marriage is a shift in communication.

For example, a man used to be generally expressive and open about his thoughts and feelings to his wife, but suddenly, it’s like pulling teeth to get him to share what’s on his mind, he might just be unhappy.

And it’s not just about the quantity of words but the quality.

If he’s no longer engaging in meaningful conversations with his wife but sticks to superficial talks, he might be distancing himself emotionally, and that doesn’t look good.


2. He Spends More Time Away From Home:

Signs A Married Man is Unhappy in His Marriage

If a man is unhappy in his marriage, he will find ways to be away from the marriage aka home.

The lesser time he spends at home, the happier he is.

So he may often find reasons to work late, hang out with friends, or pursue hobbies that don’t include his wife.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to have individual interests, in fact, I recommend it, but if home seems like the last place a man wants to be, there’s fire on the mountain.


3. His Mood Swings:

Emotional instability is usually a sign of unhappiness.

One minute you’re happy, the next you’re sad.

It’s like when you choose to be happy, you’re reminded of all the reasons why you shouldn’t be happy.

And this can make you suffer mood swings and be easily irritable.

This could be the experience of an unhappily married man.

He’s happy today and sad tomorrow.

Even if friends can’t help but notice.


4. Lack of Physical Intimacy

Signs A Married Man is Unhappy in His Marriage

Physical intimacy is an integral part of a happy marriage such that if a couple is yet to consummate their marriage, they are not considered married.

So, physical intimacy is that important.

And it goes beyond what happens on the bed and in the bedroom.

It involves all aspects of physical intimacy and affection like holding hands, hugging, kissing, or cuddling.

If a man seems reluctant to initiate or reciprocate these gestures, it could be a sign that he’s not happy in the marriage.


5. Avoidance of Future Planning:

A happy marriage thrives on shared dreams and plans.

A couple who is on the same page and are happy together will make plans together—both short-term and long-term.

But a man who’s not getting joy in his marriage starts will likely avoid conversations about the future.

He won’t bring them up and won’t contribute to future plans discussions.

This is because he’s not sure about the future of the marriage because he might even be toying with the idea of separation or divorce.


6. Constant Criticism

It’s a known truth that people who are unhappy are more likely to be critical of others.

A husband who is unhappy will continuously be critical and nothing ever seems to be good enough.

He may be critical of his wife, her cooking, dressing, choice of words, behavior, etc.

Nothing she does is ever good enough for him.

You know, even in a happy marriage, sh*t happens, but because you’re happy with your spouse and you’re in love with them, you tend to see things, even negative events, positively.

You’ll also be more patient with your partner—just because you’re happy.

This is not the experience of a man who is unhappy in his marriage.

He’s not happy, so everyone must suffer the same fate, thus, he becomes critical of everyone and everything.


7. More Time Spent on Devices:

Signs A Married Man is Unhappy in His Marriage

To be fair, most of us are addicted to our phones.

Endless scrolling on social media has become a demon that everyone who owns a smartphone is battling—except those who are disciplined enough to use it and not let it use them.

However, no matter how addicted we’ve become to our devices, many of us know when to draw the line and give our partners and relationships the attention they deserve.

When used correctly, our devices can become tools to help us remain connected with our partners and loved ones.

We can use technology to keep in contact while we’re away, send thoughtful messages or emails during the day, and plan special trips or date nights to make up for time apart.

But even with all the advantages technology brings to contemporary relationships, it can sometimes become a source of tension and resentment if our partner is spending too much time on their device.

This is what a man who is unhappy in his marriage does.

He seeks escapism by consistently choosing his devices over his wife, thereby causing problems in his marriage.

It’s really so easy to escape into another world on our devices because social media takes our attention from our problems and forces us to focus on other people’s problems.

So if a man always prefers the company of strangers on the net to the company of his wife, something is wrong somewhere.

You’d naturally want to spend time with people who make you happy.

And if you aren’t finding happiness in your marriage, you’ll prefer the happy world of social media to the sad world of your marriage.


8. The Thoughts of Separation or Divorce Excite Him

If you are happy in your marriage,  the thought of separating or divorcing your partner should be overwhelmingly scary to you.

But if a man starts thinking about separation or divorce and he’s excited about it, he’s not happy.


9. He Flirts With Other Women or Considers Cheating

I know that some men who have the best wives still flirt with other women.

However, a sensible man who is truly happy in his marriage will not consider flirting with other women or cheating on his wife because they don’t want to risk losing their wife.

But if a man is consistently flirting with other women or even considering cheating on his wife, he’s likely not happy in his marriage and is looking to find in someone else what he’s not getting from his partner.

These are some potential signs that a married man might be unhappy in his marriage.

If you are the unhappy man in a marriage, you should communicate with your partner and try to figure out a way for both of you to be content.

Marriage takes work, but if two people are committed to making their marriage successful, they can make it last.

If you are the wife of an unhappy man, you should talk to him and try to find out what’s bothering him.

Talking openly and honestly about his feelings can help both of you better understand what is causing the unhappiness in the marriage so that it can be addressed and resolved.

Consider couples therapy or individual counseling.

Everyone deserves to find joy and satisfaction in their relationships.


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    • @Lasttime Nongtdu, that’s the same question I ask myself and with the most pain in my soul, I’ve decided to let him go. His happiness is my happiness and as much as it hurts me, I rather him leave me and be free. There is no winning in the works so I deserve someone who values me and he deserves to be happy even if it’s not with me. Too bad we were doing well, almost 17yrs of marriage and 2 beautiful children. But….. nothing is granted in life 🙁

    • @Ale Satner, are you sure setting him “free” was the right choice? I’m betting he is absolutely lost without you and would do anything for a chance to work it out. Even when you think hope is lost true love finds a way so talk to him don’t turn your back in him turn and face him and talk

    • @Lasttime Nongtdu, that’s so true. I have been with my husband for 15 years, he have cheated on me many times Untill he gave me an std. so now I have close off my relationship and heart from him. But he want give me an divorce. So I have to do it alone n move on. It hurts n sad. All I asked is to respect ✊ me in my face as well behind my back. Its a lot to deal with now. But I have to allow him to be happy and for my heart to be free now.

  1. All this is absolutely 100 💯 percent truth
    It Takes Two People to Communicate to one another and not all Husbands talk about there feelings or ask for what they need in a Marriage / Relationship
    My Husband escaped I was sick bronchitis 7 times in a year pneumonia in out of ER breathing lung difficulties the Dog had nasal cancer his Mom suffered from MS multiple medical issues from the disease He was a workaholic lived in the garage I never saw this coming the affair God Revealed the Truth Step by Step it Truly Broke My Heart I Lost weight 165 down to 130 pounds now I have gone through Grieving process with my Aba Father I watch him dress up leave for days come back in pain from taking Viagra for a half of year then filed for divorce he’s truly apologized over and over again I had to forgive him because God gave me this Heart I don’t my Heart to be Hardened
    I want a Divorce I don’t want to be Married anymore I’m in Love with Him anymore but I do care about him always will it’s hard letting go moving on it’s a process he is Truly unhappy grieving loss of Angel our Pit bull and his Mom his relationship with her was on the telephone he regrets that
    I pray for him every day 🙌🙏🙇🏻‍♀️💜
    I regret the day I see him with another woman it will truly hurt me I ask God to Protect and Guard my Heart


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