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8 Obvious Signs A Man Feels Safe With You

8 Obvious Signs A Man Feels Safe With You

When you hear ‘feeling safe with someone,’ what comes to mind?

In a relationship, ‘feeling safe with someone’ refers to being free enough to be your true self around someone without the fear of being criticized or judged.

It means being able to share your thoughts and opinions, knowing that the other person will listen to understand and not listen to judge you.

How do you know if your partner, a man, feels safe with you?

His behavior around you will change.

You’ll notice that he’s more relaxed and open with you.

Let’s go into detail and discuss the signs a man feels safe with you.

8 Obvious Signs A Man Feels Safe With You

1. He is open with you

Signs a man feels safe with you
It’s safe to say that a man who is open with you and shares his vulnerabilities with you feels safe with you.

He knows that you’ll listen to him with understanding and empathy, and so he tells you about his past traumatic experiences, insecurities, and fears.

He’ll start confiding in you bit by bit.

He might start by sharing how he had a rough day or an awkward conversation he had with someone.

Gradually, he’ll start bringing up deep topics.

He might confide in you about his old wounds that haven’t healed properly, his fear of failure, and his uncertainties about the future.

For a man to be open with you in this manner, he’s confident that you won’t let the information he gives you change how you view him or use it against him in the future.

2. He asks for your advice

Signs a man feels safe with you
A man who feels safe with you will ask for your advice on big and small matters.

Sometimes, you’ll be surprised at the topics he asks for your input on – perhaps a personal problem or something that happened at his workplace.

To him, asking for your advice runs deeper than just getting you on his side or getting you to agree with him.

It shows that he respects your thoughts and wants to know how you view certain things.

He respects your sense of judgment and intelligence.

3. He’s willing to have the difficult conversations

Signs a man feels safe with you
Another sign that a man feels safe with you is his willingness to have difficult conversations with you and occasionally tackle the problems that arise in the relationship.

I have heard some guys sideline ladies in certain conversations and would generally avoid the conversation, but if this isn’t your guy, that’s a good sign.

He feels safe enough with you that even his ego won’t get in the way.

He’s not one to shy away from conflicts.

He knows it’s better to tackle problems in relationships headlong than to let them linger.

He employs a constructive approach to conflict resolution.

It shows that he believes you can work through any problems you face in your relationship, no matter how difficult they may seem.

It’s also a sign of the solid bond and trust you share as a couple.

4. He tenders sincere apologies

Signs a man feels safe with you
To be sincere, apologizing can be pretty tricky.

Apologizing sincerely is not as simple as you think.

It involves admitting that you are wrong and working towards doing better.

If he apologizes sincerely, it means that he’s taking responsibility for his actions.

He doesn’t make excuses for his actions, try to apportion blame, or try to make the effects of his actions on you feel less than it really is.

This is important to note because most men, due to their male ego, will assume a defensive stance rather than admit their faults.

One of the signs a man feels safe with you is that he understands that it’s important to admit to his faults and work towards correcting them.

This takes a lot of humility.

Also, apologizing sincerely is not only about thrashing issues or making up after a fight.

His sincere apologies show that he respects you and your feelings.

It indicates that he values your relationship enough to own up to his mistakes and wants to effect corrections.

5. He openly expresses his love for you

Signs a man feels safe with you
If a man openly expresses his love for you, it’s one of the signs he feels safe with you.

He doesn’t hesitate to tell you or show you with his actions that he loves you.

He tells you how he feels about you and acts out his affection for you in various ways.

Whenever a man feels safe with anyone, he becomes comfortable enough to express his emotions, mostly the passionate and deep ones such as love.

He seizes every opportunity to tell and show you that he loves you.

It doesn’t matter where you are – whether in a secluded or crowded area, he won’t fail to ensure that his feelings for you stand out.

6. He’s playful with you

Signs a man feels safe with you
Anyone who feels safe in their relationship will be free, playful, and goofy around their partner.

If a man feels safe with you, he won’t be afraid of loosening up, laughing, being goofy, and showing his playful side with you.

You might think being playful in a relationship is only about having fun, but it’s not.

While having fun, you’re fostering intimacy and strengthening your bond.

You also get to see a part of your man that’s not accessible to other people.

You’re not only having fun; you’re creating beautiful memories, and he can’t be this free or open with you if he doesn’t feel safe with you.

For him to be goofy and playful with you, he knows you won’t belittle or judge him for letting his inner child come out to play with you.

After all, there is a boy in every man, and if the boy in him can freely express himself around you, he has found a haven in you.

7. He gives you access to him at his worst

Signs a man feels safe with you
In the early stages of a relationship, we’re on our best behaviors, acting perfect and saintly, never to be caught “unfresh.”

As the relationship’s honeymoon phase fades away, we return to reality and agree that we are human.

Still, it’s not everything that we bear to our partners.

There are certain parts of us that we keep away from them to avoid them using them against us or judging us with them.

It takes a level of safety and security to let your partner have access to you when you’re at your worst.

If he opens up to you and lets you see him at his worst, he trusts you and feels safe with you, and he’s not doing it only for you to witness his moments of weakness.

He’s doing it for you to experience the different points of his life.

You’ve seen the highs.

Now, it’s time to witness the lows, and he trusts you to handle it properly and be there for him through it all; hence, he is letting you in.

8. Your happiness is his priority

Signs a man feels safe with you
If a man feels safe with you, your happiness will be his priority.

He’s constantly doing things that’ll put a smile on your face.

From spending quality time together, surprising you pleasantly, to easing the stress off you, he intentionally makes you happy.

And no, he doesn’t have to sacrifice his needs and wants on the altar of your happiness.

He just understands that your happiness contributes a great deal to the general happiness of the relationship.

He values how you feel and is honored to contribute to your happiness.

Prioritizing your happiness shows that he feels safe enough with you to put your happiness before his needs.

He trusts you’ll have his back and do the same for him.

Final Thoughts

It’s incredible to know that your partner feels safe with you.

You know that warm, tingling sensation that spreads from your heart to your cheeks and legs?

That is an absolutely perfect feeling that someone trusts you completely with their happiness.

Such an indescribable feeling!