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6 Coded Signs A Guy Is Claiming You

6 Coded Signs A Guy Is Claiming You

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, claiming means “to take as the rightful owner.”

In this context, a guy claiming you shows his desire to have a serious relationship with you.

He sees claiming you as a way of showing that he holds your connection in high esteem, sees a future with you, and wants others to recognize and value it, too.

Claiming can take various forms.

You should sit tight if you’re looking for signs a guy is claiming you.

We’ll be sharing them in this article.

6 Coded Signs A Guy Is Claiming You

1. He introduces you to his loved ones

Signs a guy is claiming you
It’s a big deal if he casually invites you for dinner, only for you to honor the invite and find out that his close friends are in attendance.

‘Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are’ has never been truer.

This means that his close friends are an extension of who he is.

The message he’s passing when he introduced you to them is that he’s proud of you and what you both share and wants his close friends to get to know you, too.

It would be best to observe how he treats you at these gatherings.

If he’s claiming you, he’ll show off your relationship subtly at any slightest opportunity.

Also, it’s a big move if he has taken you to meet with his family.

Meetings with partners’ families are usually daunting because families are scrutinizing and seem difficult to please.

Please don’t blame them.

They only want the best for their children.

However, that’s beside the point.

His taking you to meet his family shows that you’re important to him, and he wants you to meet and interact with other people who also matter to him.

Arranging for you to meet with his family is him securing your spot in his life and letting them know he has made his choice.

2. Your needs and comfort are his priority

Signs a guy is claiming you
In a relationship, it’s the little things that matter.

One of the signs a guy is claiming you is that he prioritizes your needs and comfort.

For instance, he’s constantly checking if you need anything else if you’re warm enough, and if you’re comfortable whenever both of you are out.

He tries to ensure your comfort to a great extent whenever and wherever.

Please don’t say that he’s only being a gentleman.

He can be a gentleman and not know what you like or act on them.

But there he is, being a gentleman, knowing the things you like and acting on them.

You’ll also agree that your needs go beyond mere physical comfort.

Picture this – You get home after a long day, and he’s there bearing your favorite food and comfort drink.

Throw in soothing music, some shoulder and foot massage, and a good movie to help you cool off.

Now, you can see that it’s not just about the little things but about the intentions behind them.

He’s showing that he’s in tune with the things that make you happy and comfortable.

3. You feature in his plans for the future

Signs a guy is claiming you
If he’s making plans such as vacation or Christmas plans and includes you in them, it’s a possible sign that he’s claiming you.

He’s probably seeing you as a long-term partner.

Once a guy has you in mind while planning out his days, weeks, months, or years, it means that he already has a picture of his future, and you feature in it.

Not just the big plans but also the small ones.

For instance, he tells you about a concert in some months and automatically assumes you’ll be his date.

It’s his subtle way of telling you that he sees you in his future.

4. He uses “We” more than “I” when speaking

Signs a guy is claiming you
I know it may sound unimportant, but you need to take note of his language.

You can decipher his intentions from his language.

A great sign that he’s claiming you is that he begins to include you in his narrations.

Instead of using “I” in his sentences, he uses “we,” referring to both of you.

It shows that in his subconscious, he has stopped seeing himself as a single person and started seeing two of you as a couple.

You’ll notice this shift as he talks or tells stories.

He’ll say, “We had a similar experience,” or, “We think it’s a step in the right direction.”

That guy is probably claiming you.

5. He refers to you as his girlfriend

Signs a guy is claiming you
Let’s say you both are at an event, and he’s making small talks with a group of people.

Then he pulls you in and goes, “Meet my beautiful girlfriend, XYZ,” and goes ahead to make proper introductions.

Does it sound familiar?

This guy has defined who you are to him.

You’re not just a random girl accompanying him to events or hanging around to keep him company.

He wants everyone to know and acknowledge that you are his girlfriend.

By introducing and referring to you as his girlfriend, he wants everyone else to know that you both are an item.

What further definition of claiming do you need?

6. He speaks for you

Better be careful what you do to a gentleman’s lady!

If this guy is claiming you, he will defend you and speak for you when the need arises.

He won’t tolerate insults on your person because you are “his” lady.

7. He engages in PDA with you

Signs a guy is claiming you
Another sign he’s claiming you is that he publicly displays affection with you.

Let’s say you’re out and about, and somewhere between your activities, he leans in and pecks you on the cheek.

Or he wraps his hand around your waist as you both are taking a stroll.

As much as PDA is about being close physically, it’s also an indication of emotional closeness.

Engaging in PDA is his way of announcing to everyone that you’re together and that he’s proud of you.

While it’s true that there’s a specific level of comfort for everyone when it comes to PDA, as simple as they may seem, holding hands and hugging each other are good ways of showing off your partner.

Final Words

To wrap up the article, I want us to be clear on something.

Claiming and being possessive are not the same.

They are two different things.

When you claim someone, you acknowledge the bond you share and show them off to everyone.

On the other hand, being possessive often arises from a place of insecurity and is all about controlling your partner.

While one is a cute trait, the other is a toxic trait.

If you’ve read to this point, you won’t be in doubt about which trait is cute and which is toxic.

When a man claims you, he’ll value your relationship and prioritize your comfort and happiness.

However, a man who is being possessive will try to control your life because he is driven by his fear of losing you or jealousy.

Ensure that your man is claiming you and not being possessive.

Above all else, you need to be in a healthy and happy relationship for your sake.