10 Telling Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell when someone wants a relationship with you, but how about when they don’t?

If you’re unsure about a guy’s intentions toward you, it can affect your interaction with him and leave you confused for a long time.

You may need help to be able to read the signs that indicate that he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

Sometimes, we can get in over our heads, especially if we already have feelings for someone, which can cloud our perspective and sense of judgment.

This article will help you see things a little more clearly.

10 Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

1. He tells yousigns he doesn't want a relationship with you

If he has ever told you that he just wants to be friends with you or that he’s not ready for a relationship now, you should believe him.

Don’t create excuses for him or wait for him; that can only end in one way: premium tears.

When a guy doesn’t want a relationship with you, one of the ways he may communicate it is by telling you he’s not ready for a relationship yet or asking you to be everything else to him but his partner.

Men have different optional labels for ladies they don’t want to date.

If he calls you his friend or sister or even says he sees you as one of the “bros,” kindly go back to your drawing board and erase every thought you have of dating him because that man doesn’t see you like that.

2. He doesn’t ask you out

You can tell that he doesn’t want a relationship with you by what he says, but you can also tell by what he doesn’t say.

Ladies, please, if a man does not verbally ask to be in a relationship with you, don’t assume he wants to because he most likely does not.

I’ve seen so many women torture themselves by assuming a man wants them just because of a few things he did.

If he wanted a relationship, he’d ask for it.

Jumping to the conclusion that he wants a relationship with you without any advances from him is setting yourself up for heartbreak.

That he hasn’t asked could be the sign you need to know that he isn’t interested.

3. He keeps it formalsigns he doesn't want a relationship with you

When someone is romantically interested in you and wants something as serious as a relationship, it shows.

Their soft spot and affection for you will be evident in their interactions with you.

A man who’s not interested in a relationship with you, on the other hand, is more likely to be firm and formal with you.

He doesn’t show interest in shared activities and hobbies, even when you both have a couple of them.

If he’s a colleague or boss, he sticks to getting the job done and nothing more.

He has no interest in meeting your friends and family or attending events with you.

This may be because he’s trying to play hard to get, or he’s genuinely uninterested.

If I were you, I’d lean more towards the latter option because, most times, that’s the case.

4. He doesn’t define the relationship

One sign that he doesn’t want a relationship with you is that he’s already in a situation with you.

Situationships are pretty common these days, and as wild as it sounds, many people in it do not even know what they’re in.

That space between being just friends and being committed partners where you’re not sure what you’re both doing.

It’s like friendship with benefits and without the commitment.

If he hesitates to state clearly what he wants in the relationship and who you are to him, it may be because you’re not much to him.

He’s unwilling to commit and tries to keep things casual and undefined between you both.

You may also observe that his behavior is inconsistent; today, he seems into you, and tomorrow, everything changes.

He alternates between periods of interest and moments of distancing.

5. He’s all about what he can get from yousigns he doesn't want a relationship with you

It may be because of other reasons if he’s often around you.

It’d be easy to misinterpret that as interest and desire for you.

However, looking more closely, you’ll observe that he’s only opportunistic.

If he’s constantly taking from you in various ways, emotionally, sexually, etc, that man may just be there to milk you dry and not for any relationship.

6. He’s involved with someone else

If he as much as flirts with other ladies, even if he says he’s interested in you, that’s a red flag.

If a man is interested in another woman or even already committed to her somehow, he likely doesn’t want a relationship with you.

If he wanted a relationship with you, he’d make it obvious that he’s single and very available for you.

His attachment and entanglements with other people say the opposite.

7. He doesn’t communicatesigns he doesn't want a relationship with you

Communication is the bedrock of every relationship.

Before the relationship starts, communication must be present, and even after it starts, it is still needed to keep things going.

When a man shows limited communication or avoids crucial and personal conversation, he might be steering away from getting deep with you.

He may not be much of a talker, which may explain his inability to initiate conversations, but how does he respond when you initiate them?

This gives you free access to his state of mind.

If a man keeps deflecting topics about emotions, plans, and commitment when you bring them up, it’s because he doesn’t want to go there with you.

8. He doesn’t take the lead

Most men love to lead their women; they take the roles of protector, leader, and provider very seriously, as seen in their actions.

This makes it easy for you to know when a man is or isn’t interested in you.

A man who is laid back, staying away from making serious plans with you, and refusing to take the initiative to plan dates and outings is most likely not interested in going into a relationship with you.

He doesn’t get involved in your life or try to offer guidance and support when you need it because he doesn’t see it as his responsibility and is not interested.

9. No affectionsigns he doesn't want a relationship with you

It is possible for a man to be affectionate towards you yet not want to date you, but it is impossible for a man who wants to date you to be unaffectionate.

You may need to read that again.

What that means in simple terms is that don’t automatically assume that he wants a relationship simply because he’s being affectionate and sweet.

Still, if the affection is absent, then chances are excellent that he’s not interested.

If he were interested in you, it’d show in his behavior; you may find him willfully displaying affectionate gestures, such as holding hands, hugging, or physical closeness.

But again, they’re not automatic signs that he wants a relationship.

10. He’s never theresigns he doesn't want a relationship with you

If he’s never present or available for you, and you take that to mean that he’s not interested in a relationship with you, you’re very likely correct.

An inconsistent man whose availability is limited and always cancels plans on you, giving flimsy excuses and unconvincing reasons, is not a man who wants you.

His absence may not only be physical; it can also be emotional; he’s distant and unresponsive to your emotional cues and needs.

He probably also ignores and dismisses your concerns and opinions when you raise them instead of addressing them with care.

Girl, that man has no interest in you, and that’s the truth.

A man who exhibits these signs is saying something to you; “I’m not interested in you.”

Listen and act accordingly.

When in doubt, you can always initiate an open and honest conversation about the topic and listen to his perspective to understand things better.

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