Do Guys Cuddle With Just Any Girl? – 6 Things It Means When A Guy Wants To Cuddle With You

Personally, I don’t like it when people touch me too much.

However, I love cuddling.

Sounds ironic, right?

Perhaps I need to clarify.

I love cuddling with a lady I love and am attracted to.


Cuddling is so intimate that I believe people wouldn’t be involved in it with just anybody.

The intimacy of holding someone in your arms for long hours, their hearts beating against your chest, and their scent filling your nose even as you draw warmth from their bodies.

This intimacy is not something that can just be shared with just anyone.

People have always said things about males being able to have sex with someone without any form of emotional connection.

It is true.

However, cuddling is so intimate that many guys won’t engage in it with just anybody.

Do guys cuddle with just any girl?

I will say no.

Guys don’t cuddle with just any girl.

This doesn’t mean that all guys don’t do it; it means that most guys would rather cuddle with someone they have established some form of intimacy and connection with.

Since guys don’t cuddle with just any lady, what does it mean when a guy wants to cuddle with you?

This article aims to explore the reasons a guy wants to cuddle with you.

Come along as we unknot this mystery.

“Do Guys Cuddle With Just Any Girl?”- 6 Things It Means When A Guy Wants To Cuddle With You

1. He simply likes to cuddle

do guys cuddle with just any girl

I know the first reason is a letdown for you.

You probably already guessed this.

However, I urge you to be patient as I build this article to a fulfilling climax.

Some guys just love cuddling.

To some of us, cuddling is only something we do with someone we really love.

For some others, cuddling is an act they enjoy so much that they find it comforting.

They engage in it without any form of ulterior motives.

All they want is to cuddle up with someone they care about and feel at peace with the world.

This kind of guy may even cuddle up with male friends if they would allow it.

Alas, most guys are built to be wary of such movements by their fellow men.

I can’t imagine trying to do that with a male friend; I’d sure get my ass kicked… lol.

Really, that’s how much guys avoid physical contact with each other.

2. He is cold

There is something about cuddling that helps you feel warm.

Perhaps it is the conduction of heat passing through two bodies.

Whatever the mechanism of transfer is, cuddling can be a way to get warm in cold weather.

This is not exactly a romantic reason, and a guy in this situation doesn’t necessarily want anything more from the cuddling.

However, such intimate acts as cuddling shouldn’t be done with a lady in a relationship with another.

Doing that would be like committing an abomination.

Imagine catching a guy cuddling with my girlfriend with the excuse that he is cold… lol.

It would be a very comical response in any other setting because why is cuddling your first solution to cold?

Can’t you make hot coffee or tea?

Can’t you turn up the heater?

Can’t you crawl under a mountain of blankets?

You didn’t consider all these alternatives, but you thought of cuddling.

Don’t cuddle with someone’s girlfriend or wife because you feel cold.

In fact, don’t cuddle with someone’s girlfriend or wife for any reason!

3. His preferred expression of love

do guys cuddle with just any girl

Everyone has different ways of expressing their love.

For some, physical touch is the primary way they express love.

If a guy’s primary way of expressing love is physical touch, he may love to cuddle with you as a way of expressing this love for you.

He may not be so good at expressing sentiments verbally, but he feels that physical touch is the best way to communicate such sentiments.

He loves you, and it’s his way of expressing that sentiment.

I don’t like physical touch, but whenever I am with a lady I love, I find that physical touch doesn’t seem so uncomfortable.

A guy who loves physical touch would like to wrap his arms around you.

However, it is left for you to define the boundaries of what is allowed in your friendship if he isn’t involved with you romantically.

4. He wants to make you feel safe

do guys cuddle with just any girl

Since the inception of time, society has given males the role of protecting females.

Except in some extreme cases when women had the job of protecting the men.

The Amazons are a great example of these extreme cases.

Masculinity bestows upon guys an instinct and a desire to protect females.

Perhaps the reason a guy wants to cuddle with you is just an extension of this instinct.

They know you feel comfortable and safe in their arms when they embrace you.

Sometimes, my female friends walk up to me and want me to hug them, and I didn’t understand why until someone demystified it.

She said I was so big and felt very sheltered whenever she hugged me.

Something clicked in my head that day.

As I mentioned already, I don’t like physical touch, but I have gotten to the point that I can offer it if I feel it is necessary.

Sometimes, nothing is better than having someone who can hold you in their arms after a stressful day or a traumatic experience.

Guys may cuddle with you because they feel it offers shelter and comforts you.

5. He likes you and wants something serious with you

do guys cuddle with just any girl

This is one important reason a guy may want to cuddle with you.

More often than not, when a guy wants to cuddle with you, he is romantically interested in you.

As I stated already above, most guys consider cuddling to be a very intimate act to just be involved in with anyone.

When a guy starts attempting to cuddle with you, he will do several other things to show you that he likes you and wants something serious with you.

He may have already told you he likes you and wants something more.

If he hasn’t, he may have been spending so much time with you and giving you so much attention that it will be hard for you to deny knowing his intentions.

Whenever a guy likes a lady, he is always on standby to assist or support her.

In fact, he may sometimes drop everything else to attend to you.

When this guy cuddles with you, you just know it is not platonic.

You can feel that there are powerful feelings involved.

It is at this point that you need to make a decision… To encourage him or not.

If you don’t feel the same way about him, then it will be a good idea to define the relationship and set clear boundaries in place before things get messed up.

6. He wants to have sex with you

do guys cuddle with just any girl

There is no point sugarcoating it.

For some guys, cuddling is just a prelude to sex, a step away from the goal.

For these guys, sex is probably something they do randomly, and when they are attracted to a new girl, they make every effort to ensure that they get down with her.

This particular set of guys doesn’t need much of a bond or connection to a lady to cuddle with her because they view cuddling as just another step in the journey toward their destination.

Cuddling is just a step away from sex, and sex could be the goal whenever a guy attempts to cuddle with you.

However, most guys consider cuddling to be an intimate activity and won’t just do it with anyone they don’t feel a level of emotional intimacy with.

Defining your relationships is also crucial to handling any confusion or conflicting feelings you may feel because of a guy’s action.

Ask him what his intentions are.

What does he want?

Why is he cuddling with you or attempting to?

This is the best way to actually clarify what a guy means by cuddling with you.


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