12 Signs He Knows He Lost You

Sometimes, our partners do not know how precious we are until we are no longer with them.

This is true many times for men.

You may have given yourself fully to the relationship and done everything for him, but he just did not see it.

Now that you are out of the relationship, you may be wondering if he has realized his loss.

What are the signs he knows he lost you?

There are signs that, when seen, are simply telling you that your man has realized that he messed up.

Find out what the signs are below.

12 Signs He Knows He Lost You

1. He Tries To Get Back With You

Signs He Knows He Lost You

This is the first and probably one of the most obvious signs that show that he knows he lost you.

When you begin to see him actively putting in efforts to try to get back with you after failing to appreciate you when you were still in the relationship with him, it is a sign that he now knows the value of what he had.

This is the case with many people.

Sometimes, people do not realize what they have until they no longer have it and then begin to chase after it all over again.

Unfortunately for him, you may have moved on with your life and are not ready to get back with him.

2. He Shows Up Out Of the Blues

Another sign he knows he lost you is that he shows up in your life out of the blues.

While you are putting your life together and trying to move on, he shows up all of a sudden, leaving you surprised.

What you do not know is that while you were trying to move on, it suddenly struck him that you are no more in his life.

This sudden realization is what made him show up the way he did.

He probably showed up in an attempt to bring you back into his life.

3. He Reminds You Of The Good Times

Signs He Knows He Lost You

When you leave a man, and he begins to realize that he has lost you, he immediately begins to search his brain for ways to get you back.

One of the different tricks he will try is to remind you of the good old days when you were still with him.

Even if you did not have much of those, he will pick out the few that happened and recount them to you, all in a bid to evoke certain emotions from within you.

When you notice him desperately trying to make you love and miss him, you know that he has realized his mistake and knows he has lost you.

His efforts are just an attempt at damage control.

4. He Sincerely Apologizes

Signs He Knows He Lost You

Sometimes, your ex does not show random signs, leaving you to wonder how he feels; he simply comes up to you to say sorry.

You know a guy knows he lost you when he comes to you admitting his wrong and asking that you forgive him.

Although it may be hard for him, his regrets outweigh his pride, so he willingly becomes vulnerable before you, lets you know he is sorry for his actions, and does not want to live without you.

This might be embarrassing to you.

Or you may find it touching.

Whatever you feel, it is important to take your time and analyze the situation before accepting or rejecting the apology.

5. He Is Unhappy About Your New Relationship

You know that he has realized his mistake when he shows signs of sadness about your new relationship.

While you are moving on from him and have probably even chosen someone better for yourself, he is languishing in regrets and unhappiness.

He knows that if he did better when he was with you, you would still be with him, and so he sinks further into misery knowing that you are now with someone else.

6. He Keeps Hanging Around You

Another sign that he knows he lost you is that he does not want to leave your side.

You have probably gotten over him and moved on, or at least are trying to, but he is making that an almost impossible task for you by hanging around you all the time.

He seizes every opportunity he gets to be around you and may even start becoming a pest.

This is because he now realizes he messed up and regrets his actions.

7. He Tells His Friends

Just like ladies open up and are vulnerable with each other on the things that mean a lot to them, guys also do that with their friends.

The moment he realizes that he has lost you, the first people to know are most likely his friends.

If you notice that his friends are trying to get close to you or are even attempting to say stuff to get him in your good books, you have your sign.

8. Your Friends Tell You

Another way to know that your ex now knows he lost you is that your friends say it.

Your friends may have noticed things that you did not notice.

Or your ex may even have gone to tell them.

He may not be confident enough to approach you, so he goes to tell your friends.

9. He Changes

When your ex realizes that you are gone for good and begins to miss your presence, he is likely going to re-play your relationship all over his head.

He will then start to admit all the ways he was wrong and see that he could have done better.

His friends or family may also contribute to making him see the areas he was not so great at.

And because he obviously can not turn back the hands of time, his next best bet will be to change his behavior going forward.

If you are noticing certain positive changes in your ex’s behavior after you left him, it is a sign that he knows he lost you.

10. He Checks On You

Another way you can ascertain that your ex has realized that he messed up is that he begins to check on you.

He regrets his actions and misses you, so you will receive calls from him, asking about your welfare.

He might also try to make plans with you as a way to bridge the gap between you and see if there is still a chance for both of you.

11. He Compliments You

When your ex knows that he has lost you, he will begin to compliment you.

He will notice the tiniest details about you and point them out, making you feel good about yourself.

This may come as a surprise to you, particularly if he was not so great at giving compliments when you were still with him.

His actions reveal one thing – he has realized his mistakes.

12. He Becomes A Mess

Breakups are difficult to deal with and can bring a roller coaster of emotions.

Of course, a breakup is even more hurtful when you still want your ex.

When he realizes his mistakes, he will want you back, and knowing that you may not return can make him miserable.

You may begin to notice that he acts erratic and is chaotic.

It is because he now sees that he has lost you.

Final words

Signs are not enough proof that your ex regrets his actions and wants to make things right.

If you are still open to considering your ex and accepting him back, you have to be sure he is actually a changed person and will do better going forward.

And the best way to find that out is through communication.

Take all the time you need to be sure, and never rush into a decision.

If your ex is genuine in his apology and words, maybe you can give him another chance.

Although it may take some time, healing is possible.

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