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14 Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Attracted To You

14 Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Attracted To You

Isn’t it a magical feeling when your husband looks at you with those desire-filled eyes?

It’s like the first time, all over again.

But sometimes, the hustle and bustle of daily/married life can make us question things, even this burning chemistry.

“Is he still attracted to me?” you might wonder while he’s engrossed in the morning newspaper or late-night work calls.

Don’t fret, sis!

I’m here to banish your doubts and highlight the signs your husband is still very much sexually attracted to you.

14 Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Attracted To You

1: He Makes Eye Contact

 Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Attracted To You

Eye contact is an expression of interest and attraction.

When your husband looks directly into your eyes, he’s not just seeing you; he’s connecting with you.

Just as his not looking at you or looking at you with disgust can communicate his disgust.

His eye contact is his non-verbal way of saying, “I see you, I’m listening to you, and I’m with you.”

It’s a silent message that speaks volumes about his feelings for you.

And it is not only during a deep conversation.

Does he look at you from across the room when you’re at a social gathering?

Does he catch your gaze when you’re absorbed in a book or busy in the kitchen?

If he can’t help but have his eyes on you, regardless of what you’re doing, it shows he’s attracted to you.

These stolen glances, these moments of shared eye contact, reveal a level of attraction that words often fail to express.

2: He Touches You Often

 Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Attracted To You

Physical touch is a great indicator of sexual attraction.

Does he make it a habit to touch you often, even in simple ways?

Is he always finding excuses to brush your arm, fix your hair, hold your hand, or even make sexually suggestive touches like grabbing your waist?

If he’s doing these things, it shows that he’s attracted to you and can’t help but touch you.

3: He Compliments Your Appearance

We all know men can be notoriously stingy with their compliments.

One of the many complaints of women in marriage is that their men no longer compliment them.

It’s not that they don’t notice or appreciate the efforts you put into looking good; they just may not always verbalize their thoughts.

But when your husband starts bucking the trend and actively showers you with compliments, it’s a strong sign of his sexual attraction towards you.

He can’t help but notice how beautiful you are, and he’s not afraid to let you know it!

4: He Makes an Effort to Be Close

Most men love their space and personal time.

But when your husband makes an effort to be near you, even if it’s just an arm around your shoulder while watching TV or a hug at random moments, it’s a sure sign that he still desires you and is trying to get close to you in any way that he can.

5: He Wants To Spend Quality Time With You

Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Attracted To You

Spending time with your husband doesn’t have to mean a complex date night; it could be something as simple as watching a movie together or going to the supermarket.

No matter what kind of activity you do (it doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual), if he’s genuinely making an effort to spend quality time with you, it’s because you still drive him crazy.

6: He Expresses Concern for Your Wellbeing

You know, if your husband is only concerned about you sexually, you should be worried.

It’s like he’s only concerned about you satisfying him and not how you’re doing in general.

It doesn’t make sense.

If your husband is sexually attracted to you, he should also express concern for your well-being outside of the bedroom.

After all, if you are not feeling well, how can you be sexually attractive to him?

So, if your husband takes the time to check on you, his love for you runs deeper than just physical attraction.

And it’s a great sign of true love!

7. He Still Initiates Physical Affection

It’s natural for couples to become more comfortable with each other as the years go by, which sometimes results in a decrease in physical affection.

But if your husband is still initiating hugs, kisses, or cuddles without prompting from you, it’s a sign that he still finds physical contact with you important.

It shows that he’s attracted to you, regardless of how long you two have been together.

8: He’s Eager to Please You

When a man is genuinely sexually attracted to his wife, this attraction goes beyond merely the physical.

It encompasses his emotional and mental connection with her, which is why he will always strive to make her happy in every possible way.

He will go to great lengths to do things that bring a smile to her face, not only in the bedroom but also outside it.

After all, her happiness is his top priority, and he will always be looking for ways to deepen their connection and strengthen their relationship.

If your husband does this, he still desires you.

9: He Initiates Physical Intimacy a Lot

Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Attracted To You

Physical intimacy is a sure sign of a man’s sexual attraction, and your husband will be constantly initiating it if he still finds you attractive.

He might not always express his feelings verbally, but his body language and actions will speak louder than words in this regard.

So if your husband enjoys making love with you and wants it often, even more than you do, he’s very much sexually attracted to you!

In fact, it’s one of the biggest signs he is.

Because if a man is not physically attracted to you, he won’t be initiating physical intimacy that often.

And even when you do it, it’ll seem forced and not natural.

The zeal and flow will be missing.

10: He’s Excited About Your Future

Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Attracted To You

If your husband frequently, it’s a sign that he’s excited about sharing his life with you.

It’s common for folks who are eager to be with each other to spend a lot of time thinking about their future together.

That happy energy often shows in the way they talk and act around each other, and it’s a sign that they still find each other desirable.

11: He Engages in Playful Teasing

Playful teasing is one of the most adorable and fun signs of attraction.

It’s a casual yet intimate way of interacting that often shows a deeper level of attraction and comfort between couples.

If your husband frequently teases you in a good-natured, fun-loving manner, it signals his sexual attraction toward you.

These light-hearted jabs are not meant to embarrass or hurt you but rather to create a unique rapport and spark laughter between you.

It’s a fun and affectionate way to show he’s attracted to not just your physical appearance but your personality as well.

And sexual attraction is more than just physical; it’s emotional too.

12: He Flirts with You in Public

Flirting isn’t reserved for when you’re alone – couples can flirt even if they’re surrounded by other people.

If your husband openly flirts with you in public, it’s a sure sign that he’s still sexually attracted to you.

He might whisper sweet nothings in your ear, wink at you, or make flirty jokes that are just between the two of you.

These gentle displays of physical affection and shared humor signify his desire for you, even when other people can see.

No matter how long you’ve been together, a little bit of flirting in public is a great way to keep your sexual connection alive.

As shy as I like to think I am, I love being flirted with in private and in public by my husband.

It’s a reminder of how much he still loves and desires me, even after years together.

13: He Expresses Jealousy

While excessive jealousy isn’t healthy, a small amount of jealousy is a sign that your man is still into you.

He might be slightly jealous when he sees you talking to another guy.

He doesn’t want anyone else stepping in and stealing his girl!

14: He Puts Effort into His Appearance

Signs Your Husband Is Sexually Attracted To You

If your husband is making an effort to look good and smell nice, especially when he’s around you, it’s often because he wants to attract you.

Taking the time to make sure he looks good for you demonstrates how much he cares about your opinion of him.

It’s a reminder that he knows how lucky he is to have you in his life and to be with him.

Sexual attraction is a two-way street, so if he wants you to find him attractive, it’s likely because he finds you attractive too.


So there you have it, sisters; 14 signs your husband is sexually attracted to you!

Everyone shows their love and attraction differently.

If you’re unsure, nothing beats a heart-to-heart conversation with your husband to clarify your feelings and doubts.

The foundation of any strong relationship is open and honest communication.

Keep the sparks flying and the love alive!

Diamond Dunn

Wednesday 20th of September 2023

I really enjoyed reading this. Although I’m not married yet, these tips help put my plans to be married some day in perspective.Thank you for sharing.


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

So enjoyed reading this. Been married 50yrs and I have been blessed. Wonderful points you covered for happy marriages.I often see that many marriage leaders say it takes work to have a successful married life. I tend to disagree with that theory. My theory is put God first;treat each other as sweet hearts and give 150% to each other. When God puts the right soul mate in your life it makes for a slender and wonderful journey together. God designed marriage and we should always honor and love each other.