What Makes A Woman Feminine To A Man? – 12 Distinct Qualities Men Adore in Women

Opposites attract, they say about the relationship between a man and a woman

Every gender is uniquely wired, but what comes to mind when you hear the word “feminine”?

Generally, you think of a woman, right?

However, we will be thrusting deeper to explore what makes a woman feminine to a man.

Please ride along.

What Makes A Woman Feminine To A Man? – 12 Distinct Qualities Men Adore in Women

1. Her beauty

What Makes A Woman Feminine To A Man?

Maybe the closest synonym to feminism should be beauty.

As a child, I remember watching national and international beauty pageants on TV.

It was always exciting to see variants of beauty from across the nation and the world.

You’d sometimes be confused about who to support as the most beautiful woman in the contest.

It is said that men are moved by what they see, while women are moved by what they hear.

This explains why a man is absolutely toppled over by a lady’s beauty.

While beauty generally refers to physical qualities, it is not restricted to that alone.

There is an appeal women have that’s beautiful too!


2. Her Elegance and poise

A woman’s poise and carriage are distinct.

How she struts, sits, talks, or carries out her activities screams femininity!

Little wonder they had to tag a raised walkway for strutting a Catwalk.

The delicate and elegant way she carries herself makes her feminine to a man.


3. Her nurturing ability

What Makes A Woman Feminine To A Man?

Innately wired into a female is the ability to nurture and care.

This wiring is expressed in her attention to detail, selflessness, care, and nurture of people, plants, animals, and even projects.

Whereas the wiring of men is different, and they aren’t as careful in nurturing a woman’s hands and are blessed to give life and nurture that life.

This is one distinct quality that makes a woman feminine to a man.


4. Her empathy

What Makes A Woman Feminine To A Man?

Men are often taught to be tough from childhood.

However, added to her physical softness is how soft a woman’s heart is in empathy.

She shows compassion and kindness to plants, animals, and humanity.

To confirm this, check, and you’ll find that more than half of the NGOs in the world dealing with humanitarian issues and offering solutions have more female staff than males.

These females also make up the majority of their team of volunteers.

Do you see that ability to show compassion?

It is endearing and makes a woman feminine to a man.


5. Her voice

Every time you hear a feminine voice, it is not usually a baritone.

This is because deep and throaty-sounding voices are usually associated with men.

Feminine voices usually come off as soft, tender, soprano, or tenor with a smooth and calming effect.

You’d wonder whether a person’s voice determines how they are perceived.

Do a blind demo, play a husky baritone and a soft soprano to a group of men, and ask them to pick the feminine one.

Undoubtedly, they’ll choose the soft soprano voice.


6. Her shyness

I am aware that some of these points seem stereotypical.

However, are you aware that shyness makes a woman feminine to a man?

Times have changed, and women are no longer as shy as before.

In fact, they are speaking up and rubbing shoulders with men, which is still ruffling many feathers in many circles.

However, some men are still drawn to coy ladies because they put them up to the chase.

Men are natural chasers.


7. Her thoughtfulness

Research shows more emotional intelligence in women than men.

Also, women can easily show thoughtfulness due to their caring and nurturing disposition.

Whether it is in gifting acts of service or physical touch or affirmation, a woman usually knows the right buttons to push when it comes to being thoughtful. 

It is a little wonder thoughtfulness is often seen as a feminine quality.


8. Her vulnerability and expressiveness

What Makes A Woman Feminine To A Man?

Research places women as more emotionally expressive than men.

This is evidenced by how she speaks, cries, shouts, and laughs.

Meanwhile, the male folk are usually put together, and for the most part, they are taught from a young age that being tough means not crying.

Vulnerability and expressiveness are generally seen as feminine traits.

I can’t begin to explain how fallacious this statement is.

Many men hold back on showing emotions till they burst forth from them like a dam. 

It is unhealthy.

Men are logical; women are emotional, they say.

Maybe the issue is that women are largely feelers and expressive, which plays out in their interactions and relationships.

Unlike what most people think, vulnerability is a great strength.


9. Her delicateness

What Makes A Woman Feminine To A Man?

There’s something about the delicateness of the female gender that makes men drawn.

Naturally, men are protectors and like to cover.

When a woman expresses her delicateness, the men are permitted to cover and protect them.

However, the softness of a woman should not be mistaken as a weakness in any way. 


10.  The dynamics of her affection

A woman expresses her femininity in her love and affection.

It is often said that when a woman loves you, she goes all out for you.

I agree with it because the heart of the female gender easily melts in love and is quicker to express affection than that of its male counterpart.

This trait is very endearing to men and makes them feminine to a man.


11. Her sensuality

A woman’s sensuality makes her feminine to a man.

This does not in any way mean that a woman needs to be indecent or lewd to express femininity, but this refers to her being physically pleasing.

A woman’s physical body frame and body features are distinct features that express her femininity.

It is often strange to see a man with curvy hips and big boobs, except one who has undergone surgery.

However, naturally, a woman’s boobs, curves, and physical properties speak to her femininity and are distinct features.


12. Her receptivity

What Makes A Woman Feminine To A Man?

One thing that makes a woman feminine to a man is how receptive she is.

Someone once said, “When you give a woman a house, she will make a home out of it. When you give a woman sperm, she’ll make a baby.”

This just speaks to the multiplier effect women have when they receive.

This does not mean women are not equally givers, too.

However, their ability to receive is endearing and makes them feminine to a man.

This may also be so because men are naturally wired to provide and give. 

At this juncture, I must point out that what makes a woman feminine to a man varies.

Yes, there are traditional roles, qualities, and behavioral patterns that make a woman feminine to a man.

However, it isn’t restricted to these alone because individuals differ in taste.

Some men find confidence alluring and feminine, while others are more traditional and prefer coyness.

It really boils down to personal preference in the end.

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