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My Husband Stares At Every Woman

My Husband Stares At Every Woman

“My husband stares at every woman. What do I do?”

Are you the woman asking the question above?

It can be pretty painful for you to be with your husband only for him to start staring at another woman.

In this article, we’ll see why your husband stares at every woman he comes across, the difference between looking and staring, and what you can do about your husband staring at every woman.

Let’s get started.

Why Does Your Husband Stare At Every Woman?

My husband stares at every woman

A good reason why your husband stares at every woman is that he has wandering eyes.

But then, does your husband looking at another woman mean he no longer loves you or is unfaithful to you?

If your husband looks at another woman once and then looks back at you like nothing happened or looked away immediately, that might be an innocent look.

There’s a good chance that your husband just noticed the other woman and appreciated her beauty mentally.

He is not blind, after all.

Looking is instinctive.

What, then, is a stare?

You have a problem if your husband goes from looking initially to staring blatantly.

A look might be innocent, but a stare can mean more — intense fantasies and intentions.

What Does It Mean If Your Husband Stares At Every Woman?

If your husband stares at other women, it doesn’t automatically mean he’s cheating on you.

Does he stare at other women whenever you’re together?

Or is it just a one-off thing?

Whichever it is, there are various reasons why your husband could be staring at other women.

They include:

1. He’s a playboy

My husband stares at every woman
Did you marry a playboy?

That might explain why he likes to stare at other women.

Perhaps he’s a philanderer, so it’s no news that he will want to demystify every woman he encounters.

Or he could be staring at them to etch their images in his memory.

For this type of man, he likes to build castles in his fantasy world with different women.

So, being a playboy is a good reason your husband stares at every woman.

2. He’s curious

Your husband might be staring at other women because he is inquisitive.

Perhaps there’s something about another woman’s personality that he wants to figure out.

It can also be that she is hilarious, and he’s just staring at her in a stunned way.

In this case, he’s staring and wondering how someone can be effortlessly funny.

These two instances don’t have to do with intentions and feelings.

He might be staring because he’s curious about something the woman did.

3. He’s thinking of cheating

My husband stares at every woman
Your husband can be considering cheating if he’s fond of staring at other women.

Mind you, he has not started having an affair yet, but he’s nursing the idea and desires to start one whenever he has the opportunity.

As the saying goes, the eyes are a window to the soul.

He’s staring because he’s seeing the things his heart is yearning for – other women.

What did they say about the heart going wherever the eyes go?

While staring with his eyes, his heart is hatching the best way he can start an affair.

4. It can be a one-time thing

My husband stares at every woman
Perhaps your husband is not used to staring at other women.

It might be a one-time thing that happened when you were with him, and you immediately assumed that it’s what he does.

Maybe the other lady interrupted a meeting, caused chaos around where you are with your husband, or even looked familiar to your husband.

The first two instances make him stare at her because he’s trying to determine her problem.

In the third instance, he’ll keep staring at her to place her face and remember where he knows her from or if it’s just a mix-up.

What Do You Do If Your Husband Stares At Every Woman?

There have been a lot of opinions on whether a woman should call out her husband’s wandering eyes or ignore them.

One thing is certain, though – a woman will always react emotionally whenever she sees her husband looking or staring at other women.

The main issue is whether you should just sit around and keep suspecting your husband or do something about it.

So, what do you do if your husband stares at every woman?

Here are some things that can help:

1. Speak with him about his staring

My husband stares at every woman

Let your husband know how you feel when you’re right there, and he stares at other women.

Let him know it hurts you emotionally, and you find it disrespectful, but don’t accuse him of having an affair.

To men, accusations are a form of attack.

If you choose to accuse him of cheating, his instincts will override his logical mind, and you’ll end the conversation with a frustrating fight that you’ll still not win.

2. Remember to be logical when stating your observations

Don’t forget to apply logic when you’re stating your observations.

If you get worked up emotionally about your husband’s staring and choose to dwell on it, you’ll not get anything done.

There’s a good chance he’s unaware of how close he is to cheating.

Ensure that while speaking with him, you present actual life instances where you caught him staring at other women.

That way, he’ll know how far he has strayed from you and your marriage.

3. Gently remind him whenever he’s staring

There’s a probability that your husband isn’t conscious that he’s staring at other women when he does it.

To him, it’s a reflex action, and he may not know that he has hurt your feelings.

When you’re with him, and he starts staring, you have to gently remind him that he’s been looking at that other woman for a little too long.

Doing this each time you’re together will help his logical mind take control over his instincts.

When you do it continuously, he’ll think twice before staring at another woman, even if you’re not there.

Also, you’ll feel better for pointing out his bad behavior and making him aware that he’s hurting your feelings.

It’s better than keeping the resentment in, which will only cause further feelings of not being valued and anger towards him.

4. Set boundaries

For some reason, your husband is not giving you the respect you deserve.

You want him to start according to you enough respect.

Put your foot down and let him know that there are certain behaviors you’ll never accept from him, such as cheating.

He should be willing to set boundaries regarding his interactions with other women.

That way, he’ll stay away from any scenarios that can potentially tempt him.

It would be best if you also considered stepping up the level of communication in your marriage.

However, please note that you can do nothing to change a person.

After all is said and done, it is your husband’s choice to continue or stop.


I hope this article answered why and what to do if your husband stares at every woman.

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