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7 Reasons He Stopped Talking To You Without An Explanation

7 Reasons He Stopped Talking To You Without An Explanation

You started talking to a guy, or rather, a guy started talking to you.

Along the line, you start liking him, and your conversations are flowing pretty smoothly.

It’s difficult for conversations with someone you like not to flow well.

Then, he stops talking to you out of the blue.

He gives you no heads-up and offers no explanations.

It’s a hard blow to you because you really like him, but then, it is what it is.

Beyond the hurt you feel, you have many questions about how he stopped talking to you abruptly.

Was it something you said or did?

Not to worry.

This article will provide answers to the questions running through your mind.

Read on to get a better understanding of what happened between you and him.


7 Reasons He Stopped Talking To You Without An Explanation

1. He doesn’t like you enough

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why
You must have thought of many possibilities regarding why he stopped talking to you, but has it ever crossed your mind that it’s probably because he doesn’t like you enough?

Sometimes, the answers we seek lie in the simplest things, but we often overlook them because they’re not what we want to hear.

Love and romance tend to be complicated sometimes.

So many factors will determine whether or not things will work out between you and a guy.

Most times, the main reason why it doesn’t work out is that he doesn’t like you enough.

He’s not so into you, but it doesn’t mean he never liked you or wasn’t interested in you to some extent.

His talking with you for a while and stopping after some time is enough to show his level of interest in you.

Has he been putting in the minimum effort from the onset?

I don’t think he was too interested in having anything serious with you.

2. He’s a playboy

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why
A significant characteristic of a playboy is that he’s unreliable and difficult to hold down.

He’s fond of blowing hot and cold.

One moment, he’s blowing up your phone with calls and texts and wanting to spend every second of the day with you.

The next moment, he’s acting like he’s never met you before or as though you aren’t in existence.

Does the guy in question fit the description above perfectly?

He’s just a playboy.

He’ll make you feel so special by showering you with so much attention and affection in the beginning, and that’s why it’s more difficult for you to understand why he stopped talking to you out of the blue.

Playboys are always unavailable because they’re scared of commitment.

His association with you is casual, but unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual.

3. He does not see a future with you

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why
Another reason he stopped talking to you without explanation is because he does not see a future with you.

The essence of talking with someone and going on dates with them is to know them better and see if you’ll cultivate something more intimate with them.

You talked with this guy for some time, but it appeared that the ‘relationship’ remained stagnant.

Although you both enjoyed talking with each other, that was all there was to it.

There was no progression, no sparks flying or butterflies in the stomach.

He probably stopped talking to you because he realized the association would lead nowhere.

So he decided to stop wasting your time early enough.

It might sound brutal, but what’s the need to keep talking to someone if you’ll make nothing out of it?

Now you see that he was saving both of you some time and from unnecessary heartbreak in the future.

4. He thinks you’re not into him

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why
If a guy thinks you’re not into him, he may stop talking to you because of it, and he’s well within his right to do so.

It’s a general belief that making a guy chase you keeps him interested in you, but it’s a wrong assumption.

Maybe that’s the approach you’ve been giving guys when you’re in the ‘talking stage.’

You take all the time in the world to reply to his texts and take his calls and still insist that he be the only one to reach out.

If the tables were turned, would you still be interested in having anything to do with the person?


There you have your answer.

You might think you’re making yourself more desirable to him by playing hard to get.

On the contrary, you might just be sending a message to him that you’re not interested in him.

He’s bound to give up after trying for some time with no success.

I’m not saying that you should throw yourself at him.

It’s too extreme and screams desperation.

Striking a balance is the answer.

Giving attention is a two-way thing.

Reciprocate whatever he gives you with your self-respect and confidence intact, but if you’re waiting for him to do all the work, you might be pushing him into stopping communication with you.

5. He’s seeing someone else

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why
In as much as we try to act conservative and oblivious to what’s obtainable in the modern-day dating system, it’s obvious that many people are keeping their dating options open.

You might not be the only lady this guy is talking to, as there are many avenues to meet new people (primarily through social media and dating sites).

Nobody feels good knowing they have competition, but he’s an adult who can do whatever he wants.

What happened here is that his attention was spread among you and the other women he was talking to simultaneously.

He was making comparisons all along.

If he stopped talking to you, it’s possible that he felt that he had seen someone better.

The truth is that until what you have with a guy is defined, or you’re in an exclusive relationship, you don’t owe each other any commitment.

Sad but true.

6. He wanted to get intimate with you

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why
There are different angles to this narrative.

Different people want different things when they start talking to new people.

That’s why you must make your intentions known from the onset so that if the other party is not on the same page, you’ll go your separate ways with no hard feelings.

Some guys see a new lady they’re talking to as someone they can get intimate with and move on.

Perhaps this guy is like that.

He’s only after a casual connection.

He’s looking for sex, not love with you.

He might stop talking to you if he already got intimate with you.

It means that he got what he wanted and achieved his aim.

Or he might stop talking to you if he feels that you’re wasting time to give him what he wants.

He runs out of patience and moves to the next available lady.

7. He suspects that you’re seeing someone else

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why

We already discussed the possibility of him seeing someone else.

But he may stop talking to you if he suspects you’re seeing someone else.

Men are jealous creatures.

So, he might want no competition.

Even if what you both have is not defined, he doesn’t want you to give attention to any other guy.

If he perceives from your actions that other guys (s) are in the picture, he’ll want to remove himself from the equation immediately.

He feels threatened by the fact that he’s competing for your attention with other men and is afraid of losing to them.

If he stops talking to you because of it, see it as a way of him protecting his heart and pride from a possible future heartbreak.


“He Stopped Talking To Me With No Explanation” – 3 Things To Do

1. Reach out to him briefly

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why
Some people think reaching out to a man after some silence is an act of desperation, but I beg to differ.

Depending on the situation on the ground and the relationship between you, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reaching out to him briefly.

A short message checking up on him and asking whether he’s fine will suffice.

There’s no loss of self-respect and dignity in checking up on a guy you genuinely like.

If anything, it portrays maturity on your end, but make sure you don’t cross the line into desperation while at it.

Just one text, that’s all.

2. Wait for his reply

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why
That’s the tortuous part, but you have to live through it.

You’ve sent him a message.

Do nothing afterward.

It’s up to him to decide whether to reply or remain silent.

If you hear from him, better, but if he doesn’t reply, that is also an answer.

3. Move on with your life

He stopped talking to me with no explanation: here’s why
Have you not heard from him yet?

It’s time to move on with your life.

Stop crying over spilled milk.

As they say, there are a lot of fish in the sea.

You’ll get someone who matches your energy if and when you’re ready.


Final Words

It hurts so much when a guy you like stops talking to you without explanation.

It’s a form of rejection, and every form of rejection hurts.

The truth remains that he’s not right for you if he stops talking to you.

He has proven to you that he’s not worth the stress.

So, take your ‘L’ (Nigerian version of loss) in peace and move on with your life.

I believe that someone better awaits you on the horizon.