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When A Guy Kisses You Before Leaving – 8 Possible Meanings

When A Guy Kisses You Before Leaving – 8 Possible Meanings

Picture this scenario.

There’s this guy who you vibe with and hang out with from time to time.

You are not in a relationship with this guy.

He hasn’t asked you out or suggested such in any way.

Stay with me, please.

It’s safe to say that you’re acquaintances, depending on how long you’ve known him or the cordial relationship between you and friends.

Then, one day, he begs to take his leave after a happy and successful hangout (as usual) with him.

You agree because the hangout is over; perhaps you both move in for a hug and boom!

He kisses you before he leaves.

Has the scene above ever played out with you at the receiving end?

I know you’re confused and don’t know what to make of his actions.

You’re wondering what the kiss means and why he kissed you out of the blue.

When a guy kisses you before leaving, it can mean several things.

Read on to find out more.

When A Guy Kisses You Before Leaving: 8 Possible Meanings

1. He wants to know your reaction

When a guy kisses you before leaving
One of the things it means when a guy kisses you before leaving is that he wants to know your reaction.

Have it in mind that his intentions towards you are not genuine.

He may not even want to have anything serious to do with you.

He just wants to pass time with you temporarily and disappear into the thin air.

Many of his type are everywhere, and that’s their M.O. (Modus Operandi – mode of operation).

This guy is only testing the waters to know if you’re okay with him kissing you or not.

He kisses you before leaving and watches how you react.

Your reaction will direct him on whether or not he should stop and cancel every lewd thought that he has in his head for you.

2. He likes you

When a guy kisses you before leaving
A guy who kisses you before leaving probably likes you.

We’ve established the fact that you hang out with this guy, interact with him, and spend time with him.

You’re a great conversationalist, intelligent, smart, humorous, and hardworking.

I mean, what’s there not to love about you?

He is drawn to your beautiful personality.

He is attracted to you and cares about you.

The kiss is his way of showing you that he likes you and is attracted to you.

3. He wants to get intimate with you

When a guy kisses you before leaving
I know that you’ve been waiting for me to drop this point.

I’ve been waiting too.


Let’s be honest with ourselves here.

The truth is that most guys who kiss ladies do not do it for the fun of it.

They have sexual intentions in mind before setting the plans in motion.

I mean, sex doesn’t just happen.

It’s not a spontaneous event.

Physical touches and kisses always precede it.

If this guy wants to get intimate with you, he’s making his intentions known with a kiss.

He’ll read your body language to know if he’ll proceed with his plans or if he should abort the mission.

It’s up to you to decide what it’ll be.

4. He’s just being polite

When a guy kisses you before leaving
Some people are used to hugs, pecks, and kisses as part of their greetings.

He might fall into this category.

It’s in his nature.

In this case, when a guy kisses you before leaving, he has no sexual intentions towards you.

He’s just being courteous.

You are both friends or acquaintances and for him to keep being around you means you make delightful company.

The least he can do is be polite until you both go separate ways after your meeting.

5. He wants you to remember him for a long time

When a guy kisses you before leaving
Sometimes, a guy kisses you before leaving because he wants you to remember him for a long time.

Funny but true.

He doesn’t want you to forget him in a hurry.

Perhaps ‘you dey enter his eyes’ (Nigerian version of – he’s attracted to you).

He has hung out with you severally but has realized that you don’t see him the same way.

Or maybe you’ve not really noticed him in that light.

He knows that you speak with many guys who are also looking for your attention.

He decides to do something that’ll make him stand out from the other guys and make you always remember him with a smile on your face, and that’s why he kisses you before leaving.

He is seducing you.

Think of it as him leaving his imprint on you.

This is just a hook that draws you in to start thinking about him romantically and maybe ending up in his bed.

6. He has always wanted to kiss you

When a guy kisses you before leaving
One of the reasons why a guy will kiss you before leaving is that he has always wanted to kiss you.

He didn’t get the right time or opportunity until he wanted to leave.

It’s still tied to him having sexual intentions towards you.

He has been admiring you and doesn’t know how to express his feelings towards you.

Let’s just say that he’s shy.

Perhaps he’s been staring at you all through the meeting, and thoughts of kissing you have clouded his mind.

Then, he got his opportunity when you were saying your goodbyes.

He stole the kiss just before he left.

It’s perfect timing for him because he doesn’t have to face you after kissing you, but he has subtly made his intentions known to you.

7. He’s being emotional

When a guy kisses you before leaving

Men have emotions and are capable of showing them, just like women.

It’s just unfortunate that the minds of some men have been conditioned from childhood to suppress and not show emotions.

They were told that showing emotions is a sign of weakness.

It’s a misleading orientation, but that’s not our focus in this topic of discourse.

So, a guy can kiss you before leaving because he’s feeling emotional.

His emotions may be all over the place because he has spent time with you and probably has feelings for you but still doesn’t know how to process those feelings.

When he kisses you, you’ll notice that the kiss is laden with emotions, tender and different from the normal.

By kissing you, he has passed a message of how he feels about you.

Expect him to be vocal about his feelings for you soon.

8. He wants to get serious with you

When a guy kisses you before leaving
You meet up and hang out with this guy when you can.

You share playful banters and talk about everything.

You bond over your wins and problems.

You know each other to a great extent and can confidently say you’re friends, but this guy now wants more from you.

He knows you’re gold and won’t let you slip through his fingers.

He wants to get serious with you and be exclusive with you, but first, he has to drop a clue for you.

That’s why he kisses you before leaving.

Like in point 7 above, the kiss will encourage him to tell you what he wants from you in plain terms.


A kiss is a non-verbal mode of communication that passes across so many intentions and emotions.

It can mean a lot of things.

We have discussed some of its top meanings, specifically when it comes from a guy who is taking his leave.

Hopefully, you’ll decipher the meanings and intentions of different kisses as you encounter them and act accordingly.