9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

What are the signs your boyfriend is losing interest?

We’ll see some of them in the course of this article.

If you’re with your boyfriend physically, but you feel that he’s emotionally or mentally absent or you feel that he’s building a wall between the connection you have, he might have shut himself down from you.

Your feeling is valid.

People normally use shutting down or zoning out as a defense tool when they don’t know how to express their feelings but need to remain in the situation.

Do not jump to conclusions about what’s causing the break in connection if this is going on in your relationship.

Rather, try to bring it up and make a full-blown conversation of it with him.

It’s possible that your boyfriend is losing interest in the relationship but doesn’t know how to tell you.

Well, there are other ways to know if your boyfriend is losing interest asides from your instincts speaking to you.

Let’s look at some of them.

9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

1. He doesn’t treat you like one of his priorities anymore

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

There are indeed some situations that may require a greater part of our attention sometimes – work deadlines, young children, sick family members, and so on.

But then, you and your boyfriend should make each other your priorities and support each other for the most part.

One of the biggest signs your boyfriend is losing interest is if he devotes most of his time and energy to his friends, his work, or even a new hobby, and there’s no end in sight for that.

Everyone deserves to feel special and important in the lives of their partners.

You may need to take a step back and access the relationship if this is not obtainable in yours.

2. He’s slow to respond when you reach out, and that’s unusual

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

Is he unusually slow to respond to your phone calls, emails, or text messages?

He might be losing interest.

It’s normal to get busy and be less responsive to text messages, phone calls, and emails depending on your location and how busy you are at that point.

But if your boyfriend, who is usually very responsive whenever you reach out, suddenly becomes unavailable or difficult to reach, he might be creating some distance between you two.

Because people tend to pull away in subtle ways, you can use his responsiveness to determine if he’s losing interest.

He might make excuses of being busy at work or forgetting to respond at first, and these excuses may be valid sometimes.

Everyone deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt.

But if being less or non-responsive has become the new normal for him, it’s a shiny red flag.

Truth be told, a lot of us always carry our phones around, and it’ll take just a few seconds to respond to someone, no matter how busy the day may seem.

3. He’s stopped caring about the little things

In healthy relationships, couples care about not only the major details of each other’s lives but also the little things that matter.

For instance, a committed boyfriend will know that you have a difficult work meeting in the morning and will send a message at lunchtime to know how it went.

A boyfriend who is losing interest might not care to ask or, worse still, might not even remember to ask.

Whenever someone starts tuning out of their romantic relationship, they lose interest in the little things that make up their partner’s life and days.

4. He ignores your attempts to connect with him

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

You’re not doing anything wrong by declaring what you want in your relationship.

Last I checked, nobody was born as a mind-reader.

With that out of the way, if you feel that you’re always begging your boyfriend for fundamental things such as affection and attention and he keeps ignoring you, it’s one of the signs your boyfriend is losing interest.

He might have checked out of the relationship without your knowledge and consent.

If your relationship is healthy, you’re sure to get affirmative and positive responses whenever you ask for support, affection, and attention from your boyfriend.

Negative responses and being ignored become the order of the day when your relationship is strained.

5. Physical contact is barely existing between the two of you

During the early stages of dating, couples mostly can’t seem to get their hands off each other and are very affectionate towards each other.

The starry eyes and butterflies in the belly will make you want to always cuddle up on the couch or hold hands in public.

With time, the butterflies reduce, but the physical attraction and contact must be maintained.

But if your boyfriend has stopped having all forms of physical contact whenever you’re together, it can be that he is losing interest.

With the loss of interest comes a reduced display of physical affection.

6. He is shying away from your friends and family members

If your connections with your family members and friends are important to you, they should also be important to your boyfriend.

Although he may not be too excited about spending the long weekend in the company of your parents, they’re always happy to do it, knowing that it means so much to you.

Was your boyfriend once like the picture painted above?

So, what changed?

It’s simple – he is losing interest.

Someone who once put in efforts to connect with your loved ones now avoids spending time with them and pull’s away from holding conversations with them.

What does that tell you?

He’s losing interest in the relationship.

7. He doesn’t want to do things with you anymore

When you two first started out, there was no stopping the two of you from doing things together.

It could be a romantic dinner for two, catching up on the latest movie, or just taking long walks holding hands.

But now, he’s finding excuses to avoid spending time with you.

He no longer wants to do things together, and his excuses seem more like pretexts than anything else.

This is a common sign that he’s losing interest.

8. He’s not putting in any effort anymore

They say someone’s effort is a reflection of their interest.

I totally agree.

If he’s not putting any effort into the relationship anymore, it’s a massive red flag that his feelings for you have changed.

He no longer puts in the same effort as he used to and acts as if nothing has changed.

It looks like your relationship has become one-sided, with you doing all the work.

9.  He no longer shares his plans with you

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

It’s not just the effort that he’s no longer putting in – he’s also not telling you about his plans.

He doesn’t seem to care whether or not you know what he’s doing, and this is one of the most obvious signs that something has changed between you.

If he’s keeping things from you and no longer wants to share his, he might be looking to distance himself from your relationship.


There are a lot of signs your boyfriend is losing interest out there.

The few here are surefire ones that will guide you to know if your boyfriend is losing interest in the relationship or not and what you should do next.

I think you should have a heart-to-heart talk with him.

Tell him what you’re feeling and ask him if he’s losing interest in the relationship.

This is the best way to get a clear understanding of what is going on and take steps to address it.

Remember, communication is key in relationships.

There’s no point in staying in a relationship if it’s not fulfilling your needs or making you happy.

If he is losing interest, it may be best to let go, and both of you can find something better.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

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