10 Spiritual Signs That You’re Getting Married Soon

Many people believe that although there’s a lot that we can see with our physical eyes, there’s still so much more than meets the eyes.

If you believe in God and the supernatural, then you most likely understand the concept of divine timing and leading.

This applies to little decisions and the seemingly insignificant seasons in life, such as choosing what dress to wear and what school to go to, but it also applies to major life transitions like getting married.

What possible spiritual signs could begin to show up to indicate that you’re getting married soon?

This article will help you highlight these signs and know how to recognize them in your own life.

10 Spiritual Signs That You’re Getting Married Soon

1. You’re in a committed, godly relationship that is moving fastspiritual signs that you are getting married soon

What sign could be more obvious than this?

Being in a stable, healthy, and happy relationship that is moving in the right direction could be a major spiritual sign that matrimony is knocking on your door.

We’ll get into the deeper signs soon, but it doesn’t always have to be strange or mystical to be spiritual.

The spiritual sign could simply be that you’ve met your God-ordained spouse whose spiritual goals and principles align with yours.

They agree with you in the areas of purpose and your assignment, and they’re ready for marriage.

This spiritual unity and strong connection that comes because you both share similar values, beliefs, and commitment to your faith can be the indication that God wants you both to cleave to each other.

It may be your long-time partner who you’re now connecting with on a new level and advancing towards marriage with.

Still, it could also be a new partner you encountered in a seemingly serendipitous way, giving you insight that it might be a part of a larger divine plan.

2. Prayer and biblical confirmation

Prayer is the authorized conduit for communicating with God and accessing the realm of the spirit.

Feeling a sense of peace or confirmation during prayer about your future marriage and partner could be a strong sign.

You may also get confirmation through the Bible by being divinely guided to specific Bible verses or passages that seem to speak to your situation and provide guidance or assurance.

The sign may also come as an answered prayer; perhaps you have asked God for certain specific things regarding marriage or a partner.

Getting responses to those prayers and experiencing what you believe to be answered prayers related to your desire for a future spouse and a blessed marriage are signs that you may be getting married soon.

3. You begin to prepare for marriage in ways you haven’t beforespiritual signs that you are getting married soon

If you have been living a life led by God, this is a sign you’re very likely to notice.

God prepares us for seasons before launching us into them, and he does this in different ways.

For you, it may be the desire to learn about marriage; you may find yourself consumed with a passion to pray for your future marriage, to read books about it, or to study scriptures on it.

You may take your finances more seriously and begin to prepare for the realities of marriage.

When you try to place your fingers on the source of this new desire to prepare for marriage, you may be unable to trace it to anything.

There’s a high chance that it’s a spiritual sign, and you’re just being prepared ahead because you’re getting married soon.

4. Certain things in your life begin to align

Positive alignment could be another spiritual sign that you’re getting married soon.

Perhaps you’re beginning to observe positive and affirming changes in your life that align with the plan for marriage.

Or maybe the seasons in your life begin to change, and you sense that the timing is right for marriage following God’s plan for you.

For some people, their long-time prayer requests for a breakthrough or a certain kind of result get answered.

The absence of these things may have been what was hindering them from getting married.

But suddenly, you step into a season where things begin to fall into place, and those hindrances are taken away.

This does not imply that everyone has to have everything figured out before getting married.

Far from it.

Your journey is unique to you, and everyone is different.

For you, this meaningful coincidence may just be the spiritual sign that you’re getting married soon.

5. Spiritual counselspiritual signs that you are getting married soon

Sometimes, people are the instruments or conduits through which we receive spiritual signs.

Especially when the people themselves are spiritual.

Getting counsel or guidance from trusted spiritual leaders in your life, such as your mentors, pastors, or elders in your church in the area of marriage, can be an indication that your marriage is at the door.

Your Christian community may be speaking to you about topics that suggest a positive direction toward marriage.

This may not work for everyone, but it applies to many people.

However, even for people to whom this applies, it is usually wise to receive further confirmation and not just rely on the fact that your community is saying it.

This confirmation sometimes can come in the form of multiple people saying the same things to you, a word during sermons, or worship services, and so on.

These signs may resonate with your desire for marriage and indicate that it’s close.

6. Your spirit tells you

There is an inner conviction that every spiritual person has.

Some call it their intuition.

Whatever you call it, it is an inner voice or feeling that communicates certain things to you.

For a Christian, it is the Holy Spirit that brings about conviction.

This deep inner conviction may be impressed upon your spirit that marriage is on the horizon.

7. You have dreams about itspiritual signs that you are getting married soon

I have to make it clear first of all that having dreams about marriage does not always indicate that you’re getting married soon, but sometimes that is, in fact, what it means.

Dreams are a little tricky to go by because their interpretations may differ from what you think.

Unless, of course, you’re a dreamer, and it’s been a reliable sign for you in the past.

However, sometimes, even if you’re not a dreamer, if you’re having certain dreams or visions, you may take them as a possible insight into your close future.

If you’ve been dreaming about marriage, your marriage may be close.

8. You begin to think about it a lotspiritual signs that you are getting married soon

Your spirit picks signals faster than your mind or physical eyes.

You may have spiritually sensed that marriage is close for you, but your mind hasn’t fully grasped it yet.

Perhaps you just find yourself thinking about marriage and things related to it.

You get more interested in marriage and married people’s lives.

You may even be giving more gifts to married people and not know why you’re doing it.

It’s possibly because yours is close.

9. God tells youspiritual signs that you are getting married soon

Nothing beats the peaceful assurance from God Himself that your marriage is close.

People hear from God in different ways, and it’s rarely ever an audible voice.

You can hear from God that your marital season is near, and this can happen in different ways;

Dreams, visions, a peaceful reassurance when you think about or envision marriage, etc.

If you’ve been hearing from God in other areas of your life, this will not be different.

10. Divine timingspiritual signs that you are getting married soon

Divine timing may be a time that was earlier on prophesied about to you about your marriage.

Or it could also be a season of multiple confirmations and pointers to your future in the area of marriage.

When you begin to sense that the time is right for this next step in your life, following God’s will for you, and things are aligning to that effect, that may be your sign.

Spiritual signs that show that you’re getting married soon may not be the same as normal physical signs.

These signs are deeper and hold greater significance for a lot of people.

But they’re very vast and may vary depending on the individual and their spiritual journey, so it is important to be discerning.

However, when these signs begin to show up, they’re usually undeniable.

The ability to recognize and interpret them rightly is crucial to taking the next step.

When you see one or more of these signs, before making decisions, you should talk about it with your potential partner and seek clarity through prayer and reflection.

Spiritual signs are awesome and important, but they must also be matched with practical considerations.

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