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Why Would A Married Man Be Interested In Me?

Why Would A Married Man Be Interested In Me?

Over the years, many women have asked the same question – ‘Why would a married man be interested in me?’

Depending on the women involved, the answer to the question differs because different married men see and want different things in and from different women.

Are one or more married men interested in you?

Do you want to know why married men keep being interested in you and, maybe, some other single women you know?

Don’t worry; there are high chances that it’s not completely of your making.

In this article, we’ll see some answers to the question, ‘Why would a married man be interested in me?’ and some of the things you can do about it.

First, let’s look at how you can know if a married man is interested in you.

How To Know If A Married Man Is Interested In You

Why would a married man be interested in me
Usually, it’s very easy to know when a married man is interested in you.

A married man is direct when he fancies you and your company and picks an interest in you.

Here are some fundamental ways a married man interested in you can express his feelings:

He spends time with you.

He values your friendship.

He flirts with you.

He pays you compliments.

You can also observe his body language – if you’re observant enough, you’ll know that a man’s body language is the strongest indicator of his feelings in any situation.

So, find out what his body language is saying around you.

Our bodies react subconsciously to the world around us.

And although we learn how to expertly hide even the most obvious things, our bodily reactions, along with other nonverbal hints, can go a long way to saying how someone feels or what they think.

A married man interested in you will devise ways to get closer to you.

Placing an arm protectively around your back in public, touching your arm, or always making sure he’s facing you are all significant signs of being interested in you.

It might be surprising that a married man interested in you will pull you into his life by talking about children or marriage.

Although this move may appear counterintuitive, he’s showing that he trusts and is interested in you by discussing confidential topics of such magnitude.

Be prepared for more surprises if he talks about his finances too.

That being said, let’s look at some reasons why a married man will be interested in you.

8 Possible Reasons A Married Man May Be Interested In You

1. You are independent

Why would a married man be interested in me

Independence translates to many positive things, including being financially stable, sensible, strong and able to make decisions without involving anyone else.

As a woman, being independent is one of the best things that can happen to you.

Many women crave independence but don’t have the wherewithal to pull it off.

Independence is attractive to people of both genders – everyone is attracted to success invariably.

If you’re independent, know that you won’t be attracting only single men.

Married men will also be attracted to and interested in you.

2. You are successful

Why would a married man be interested in me
Just like independence, success has a strong magnetic force.

People, including married men, are naturally drawn to successful people.

Power, sex and money are interconnected.

Confidence and success are highly sensual.

Are you a woman who possesses both?

Oh my!

Little wonder married men are interested in you; they want to be associated with your success.

From getting close to and interacting with you, the attraction will sneak in – it’s a natural process that can’t be helped.

If you exude confidence and are successful, you’re bound to attract people to yourself just the way bees are drawn to honey.

3. They see you as a challenge

Why would a married man be interested in me
Men generally love challenges, how much more the seemingly successful and stable ones who are looking for something challenging to spice up their lives.

I’m talking about the married ones here.

If you’re tough, straightforward and uncompromising, it shouldn’t surprise you if married men are interested in you.

Married men love women who keep them on their toes and surprise them.

They also tend to stay away from people who play games.

So, suppose you’re smart, intelligent, beautiful, focused, and not interested in playing silly games.

In that case, there’s a high possibility that your personality has attracted one or more married men who can’t wait to know you better.

4. You flirt back with married men

You are asking, ‘Why would a married man be interested in me?’ yet you’re flirting back whenever married men flirt with you.

What are you expecting?

They should look the other way when you’re clearly giving them the green light.

It doesn’t work that way, Sis.

You frown at, not encourage, what you don’t like.

By flirting back, you’re indicating interest.

When you show that you like how they flirt with you, you give them room to make their intentions known if they don’t take fidelity seriously.

5. You are antisocial

Why would a married man be interested in me
Do you have an unapproachable or reserved air around you?

While it may be a turn-off to younger men who sometimes want things the easy way, it intrigues older, married men.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reserved and quiet, shy or naturally standoffish.

Your cold demeanour is attractive to married men who think that you’re hiding a promising, vibrant and passionate personality somewhere underneath.

6. You trust easily

Are you the type that trusts easily?

To people outside, it’s a sign of desperation – either for a man in your life, love, money, acceptance or approval.

And that’s the energy you’re giving off to single and married men whenever they find out you’re too trusting.

While the trait will scare away promising young men, it’ll attract married men who lack the integrity to you.

He’ll work his way into your life with stories about himself that make you trust him (remember the tales of marriage, children and finances in ‘How to Know if a married man is Interested in Me’? Yep! That one.)

And you’ll warm up to him easily because having a relationship with a married man appears safer and easier than a single man.

Your openness to him will show that you’re interested in him, and he’ll make his interest known to you.

7. You like unavailable men

If married men are interested in you, you may unconsciously want them to be interested in you.

Physically or emotionally unavailable men are considered a safety cushion against getting hurt.

Or because they’re married already, you know your stand when dealing with them.

In this case, it’s your fault because you attract what you like.

And if you’re bothered by this attitude of yours, you may need some deep reflection to understand the root cause of your preference for unavailable men.

That’s the first step towards setting you free from this bondage.

8. You’re attracted to married men

Why would a married man be interested in me
Why won’t married men be interested in you when you’re attracted to them?

Indeed, married men are attractive – being advanced in their lives and careers, perhaps being more mature, being stable and also having a sense of responsibility.

From experience, they understand the desires and needs of women and work hard to please the people they care about.

And that’s why you’re drawn to them.

I can’t blame you, but you’re channelling your attraction in the wrong direction.

In this case, married men are interested in you because you’re attracted to them.

Why Would A Married Man Be Interested In Me?: What To Do

Why would a married man be interested in me
Not all married men who flirt desire a relationship or want sex with you.

Some just want to play around and confirm that they still have it in them to arrest the attention of beautiful women.

Notwithstanding, if you notice a trend of continuously attracting married men and you want to put an end to it, you can try out the following:

  • Avoid spending time alone with a married man.
  • Avoid any form of physical contact.
  • Interject his wife and children into your conversations with him – men do not like it; it puts them off.
  • Begin to ignore him and the feelings you have for him.
  • Severe all forms of contact, including calls and texts.
  • Tell him directly to stay away from you.


I hope the points discussed above help answer your questions and guide you on what to do about your situation.