12 Signs He Doesn’t Respect You

Respect is one of the most crucial aspects of every relationship.

Both parties must respect each other, whether romantic or platonic relationships.

Friendships or relationships that are lacking in mutual respect are unhealthy and eventually become toxic.

Understanding when you are being disrespected in a relationship or knowing the signs that a person does not respect you will help you make better decisions for yourself.

The signs he doesn’t respect you may vary depending on his personality, behavior, and your unique situation in general.

But they are usually related to the signs below.

12 Signs He Doesn’t Respect You

1. He doesn’t listen to you

Signs he doesn't respect you

You can easily tell that a man does not respect you when he does not listen.

He ignores your thoughts and your opinions and doesn’t show interest when you speak.

Your voice means nothing to him, and he couldn’t care less that you had something to say.

Even when he listens, he does not listen actively.

He is usually distracted and uninterested in what you have to say, interrupting you all the time or dismissing what you say.

This is indicative of a lack of respect for you.

2. He talks down on you

Signs he doesn't respect you

Nothing demonstrates a lack of respect like a person talking down on you.

He makes insulting comments to you or intentionally makes jokes that bring you down.

This could be in private or even publicly.

His words are harsh to you, and he cares less about your feelings.

People do not talk down on people they regard and respect, so if he’s making negative comments about you or indirectly saying things that bring you down.

Even if he apologises afterward, it is still a sign that he has no respect for you.

Sometimes he can go as far as gaslighting you into feeling like you were wrong to think he does not respect you.

He tries to deceive you by apologizing but does the same thing repeatedly.

If you are experiencing this, then do not be deceived into thinking that you’re overthinking things.

You are right to think he does not respect you.

3. He disregards your opinions

A man disregarding your opinions and thoughts indicates his lack of respect for you.

Particularly if you have a close relationship with this man, and he makes decisions and choices without considering what you think or how you feel about it.

He constantly dismisses your autonomy and acts like your opinions are inconsequential.

He sees no need to consult you or seek your input in both minor and major decisions.

If the man in question is your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband, it is even worse because his lack of respect will take your voice away and make you live in situations you would rather not.

4. Disregarding your boundaries

Signs he doesn't respect you

You know a man does not respect you when he constantly disrespects and disregards your boundaries.

When you make your boundaries clear, and he still oversteps steps regardless, it indicates his lack of respect for you.

Your boundaries can be emotional or physical.

A man who respects you would respect your boundaries and not push them.

So if he constantly makes you compromise and pushes you to do things you would rather not.

Or if he is doing things to you that you have made very clear you do not like, it is a clear sign that he has no respect for you.

5. Invalidating Your Feelings

In any relationship where respect is present, both parties should be able to communicate their feelings without the fear of being dismissed.

If a man does not respect your feelings, he has no respect for you.

You may find him constantly invalidating your feelings and emotions and making you feel like something is wrong with you for feeling and acting like you do.

Your sincere concerns are dismissed, and your feelings are undermined and invalidated.

A man who does not respect you will lie to manipulate you.

He will mislead you and make sure that he gets what he wants without regard for how it makes you feel or affects your relationship with him. 

All of these clearly indicate that he does not respect you.

6. He questions everything you do

A man who does not trust your actions, decisions, and opinions doesn’t respect you.

He shows you this by consistently questioning what you do and your opinion about things.

He makes you feel like you cannot make a sound decision and questions your integrity.

In some cases, he may go as far as accusing you of certain things without any proof.

You are constantly being made to feel like a clumsy and incapable person.

7. He is dismissive

Signs he doesn't respect you

When a man does not respect you, one of the ways you can easily know this is by his dismissive attitude toward you.

He never takes you seriously.

Even in situations where you think it’s a matter of urgency, he still acts laid-back and barely gives you any attention.

His lack of respect for you is demonstrated by his inertia when he comes to you.

He does not celebrate your accomplishments and belittles your contributions and emotions.

8. He tries to control you

People who understand that everybody deserves to be respected do not try to control them.

If a man keeps controlling you or trying to, it is a sign that he does not respect you.

It is not normal for him to impose his decisions and opinions on you, monitor you constantly, and isolate you from your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, loved ones, and family members.

Or to stop you from doing the things that make you happy.

A man who keeps exerting dominance on you and stifling you is a man who does not respect you.

All of these actions of his demonstrate his lack of respect for you as a person and for your freedom.

9. Lack of support

Signs he doesn't respect you

If a man in your life, like a sibling, a close friend, your boyfriend, fiance, or husband, constantly shows a lack of support for you, it is a sign that he does not respect you.

Your need for support can come in various ways;

You need support for your dreams and goals to be brought to fruition. You also need support during difficult and painful times.

If he fails to provide support for you in these times either emotionally, physically, financially, or in other ways that he can, it is suggestive of his lack of respect for you.

10. He disregards consent

If a man, even if he’s your man, disregards your consent, especially during physical and sexual activities, it is a clear sign that he has no respect for you.

However, even beyond physical matters, if he disregards your consent in other aspects of your relationship with him and fails to respect your inputs, reservations, boundaries, and concerns.

It is suggestive of the fact that he does not respect you.

11. He cheats on you

A man who doesn’t respect you will cheat on you without remorse.

If he parades his philandering acts before you, it clearly shows that he doesn’t respect you.

He consistently breaks your trust and promises, leaving you feeling violated and disrespected.

12. He abuses you

Signs he doesn't respect you

In whatever form it comes, abuse shows that you are not respected and valued.

A man who abuses you, whether emotionally, mentally, physically, or financially, is a man who sees you as nothing.

If he considers you a valuable human deserving of respect, he will not abuse you.

A man verbally telling you that he loves or respects you is inconsequential if his actions show otherwise.


You mustn’t make conclusions from these signs alone.

Pay attention and make your own observations, but the signs, when present, are undeniable.

Do not gaslight yourself or allow yourself to be gaslighted by someone else.

Recognize the signs, verbalize your concerns and pay attention to his response.

It is also important that you seek help from trusted friends, family, or professionals if you are being constantly being disrespected and pulled down.

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