6 Obvious Signs A Woman Is Done With You

If you’re wondering about the signs a woman is done with you, you’re in the right place.

Perhaps you thought that she was stuck with you for life.

You prided in the thought that she’ll be loyal to and love you till the end.

But you didn’t keep to your end of the bargain.

Along the line, you started taking her for granted and giving her less than she deserved from a relationship.

You’ve become too familiar with her that you don’t value her any longer.

Well, at least she still values herself, so she’s retracting her steps.

And it’s also good you noticed and are looking for a way out of the ‘situation’.

In this article, we’ll see the signs a woman is done with you.

There’ll also be tips on how you can patch your relationship up and make it work.

Enjoy the read!

6 Obvious Signs A Woman Is Done With You

1. She sets straightforward boundaries

Signs a woman is done with you
You’re used to not setting boundaries in your relationship.

After all, whatever is yours equally belongs to her, and vice versa.

But now, the reverse is the case.

Now, she puts her foot down whenever she says that you should respect her emotions, her privacy, and her space.

She’s returning to the reality that you’re two different individuals, and she wants you to do the same.

I think it’s a wholesome step — I mean, you both had your separate lives and were doing well individually before meeting and going into a relationship.

Now, she wants to return to the status quo, not because she feels lost in the relationship but most probably preparing herself and you, too, for when she’ll break up with you eventually.

2. She’s no longer jealous when you’re with other women

Signs a woman is done with you
Even if you’ve gotten to the stage in your relationship where everything is routine and monotonous, your woman is still in love with you if she’s jealous whenever you’re with other women.

Did she get jealous a lot in the past over who you spent time with?

Now, she doesn’t care where you are,

when you decide to head home and who you are with.

It’s one of the signs a woman is done with you.

She’s channeling all her energy towards caring for herself rather than worrying about you when she’s mentally and emotionally checked out of the relationship.

3. She jumps on every opportunity to be away from you

Signs a woman is done with you
Sometimes, a woman may emotionally check out of the relationship but won’t want to cause you pain by going through with the actual breakup.

How will you know?

If she used to be clingy, but now, she can’t wait to be away from you at every slightest opportunity, she’s done with you.

You’ll notice that she accepts invitations from even people she’s not close to.

She’s detaching from you and is building her network while at it.

4. She doesn’t come through for you anymore

Signs a woman is done with you
Your woman is a rare breed if you can rely on her to come through for you, even on short notice and on a tight budget.

She’s always doing her best to ease you of work stress, despite her schedule, and even gives you money when you need financial help.

Lately, she won’t raise a finger to soothe your nerves even if she stays home all day.

And surprisingly, she does not have any money to lend or give you.

She’s with you, but she’s done with you.

5. She no longer cares about whose ox is gored in the relationship

Signs a woman is done with you
A woman who loves you will do anything to make you happy and protect you.

When she stops loving and caring about you, things will spiral downward for you in the relationship.

She’ll do and say whatever she wants, not minding whether you’re getting hurt by her actions and words or not.

She feels like you don’t deserve any more good deeds from her because you never matched her energy and didn’t reciprocate well enough in the past.

You were giving her the barest minimum while she was serving you premium treatment.

It’s unfair to her, she has realised it, and she’s done.

She’s prioritising herself subsequently, and if you don’t like it, you can take a walk.

That’s what she wants, anyway.

6. She is more yielding in the relationship

Signs a woman is done with you
A woman who loves you will be proactive in your relationship.

She’s always up and doing whenever it involves making the relationship work.

A woman’s unlikely to be less concerned in her relationship.

So, if she starts caring less about the things in the relationship, it’s one of the signs a woman is done with you.

What To Do If Your Woman Is Exhibiting These Signs

Signs a woman is done with you
Is your woman showing all or some of the signs mentioned above?

She’s most probably done with you.

It cannot be easy to absorb at first, but you must face reality immediately.

You’ll be wondering the way forward if you truly love her and don’t want to lose her.

Here are some things you can do to remedy the situation:

1. Have an introspection

It’s unusual for people to leave committed relationships without having solid reasons.

For the decision to pull through, there must be one or more good reasons behind it.

You can ask yourself these questions to help you get started on your journey to making amends:

  • Am I still interested in this relationship, or do I want to find someone else?
  • How did I make her unhappy?
  • What must I do to make her happy?
  • Is the change I’m willing to effect also good for me, or is it just for her sake?
  • Can I keep up with these changes if I effect them?
  • If I can’t convince her not to leave, will I regret the changes I’m putting in place?

2. Speak with her

Make out time to sit with her and talk about it.

While at it, apologise for your actions and promise to improve.

Her consent to having that talk with you would be of great importance, even if it were given grudgingly.

Then, please do not make her feel caged.

She’s free to walk out of the conversation venue whenever she wants.

You’re trying to sort out a problem; do not create another one.

3. Carry out your promises

As you already know, promises do not mean anything if you don’t act on them.

If you want her to take you seriously and consider coming back to the relationship, you need to start doing the things you promised to do.

Keep these tips in your mind while at it:

  • Only make promises that you can carry out.
  • Be committed to your promises. Even if you win your woman back, don’t stop acting on your promises. Continue; it’s part of what brought her back.
  • If she leaves despite the changes you put in place, consider it a lesson for your future relationships.


Most men agree that one of the most painful things to happen to them is realising that they had a good woman all along, only when she decided to leave the relationship.

But it doesn’t have to be the end.

Convince her you’re willing to work on yourself and make the relationship work.

Please stick to your promises and try to work things out with her.

I hope she decides to give the relationship another try after you put in the effort.

If the relationship were meant to be, with determination, you would make it through even stronger than you were before the break.


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